DSA: Who are we?

Marching in Atlanta Pride parade, 2015

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America is one of more than 110 local Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) chapters, organizing committees and youth chapters in the U.S. (www.dsausa.org), with a rapidly growing membership. As democratic socialists, we envision a society and a world where resources are democratically controlled to benefit all. In pursuing this goal, we educate the public about socialist values and policies and build progressive coalitions committed to fighting for economic and social justice. DSA is an educational organization (501(c)4), not a political party.

Since our formation in 2006, our group has worked with many local coalitions, including: the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, Coalition for a People’s Agenda, Minimum Wage Coalition, Atlanta Jobs with Justice, Grady Hospital Coalition, Up and Out of Poverty Now, Moral Monday Georgia, Fight for $15, Georgia J20 Coalition, and Black Lives Matters.

Our members have led workshops at the Georgia Progressive Summit, raised funds for Bernie Sanders’ first Senate campaign, helped plan and promote the U. S. Social Forum, and hosted DSA and Young Democratic Socialist national conventions. Our monthly meetings are open to all, alternating membership meetings featuring speakers and reports on our current activities and Socialist Dialogue public forums featuring panel discussions, occasional films and plays, on a wide range of issues and readings. We also issue a newsletter and hold an annual Douglass-Debs awards dinner -- our main fundraiser, which supports our activities and contributions to our coalition partners.


MADSA Executive Officers

Four elected officers of the chapter plus three members-at-large comprise the Executive Committee; officers are elected at the September general meeting for a term of one year; current (as of September 2015) officers are:

Chair: Milt Tambor phone 770.313.4628; email: mltambor@yahoo.com

biographical sketch: Milt Tambor moved to Atlanta from Detroit in 2001 and is currently retired. He worked for Michigan American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Council 25 as a staff representative and education coordinator. As staff representative he represented public sector workers in collective bargaining and grievance appeals. As labor educator he conducted classes in collective bargaining, steward training, labor history, economics, strategic planning and health and safety. With a Ph.D. in Sociology, Milt also taught classes as an adjunct faculty at Wayne State University's School of Social Work. He has served as Metro Atlanta DSA chair since 2006.

Corresponding Secretary: Barbara Segal

Recording Secretary: Barbara Joye

Treasurer: Travis Reid

Members of the Executive Committee at large: Eric Robertson, Cecily McMillan, and Adam Cardo



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