MADSA Working Groups and Leadership

NAME                   PRIMARY CONTACT                             ABOUT THE GROUP                          

Education            Josh Tuccio           Educates about socialism

Rainbow Roses    Laura Hernandez        LGBTQI+ 

Digital Systems   Speck Kevin Pratt       Sets up and maintains digital systems

Afrosocialists       Erin Parks       People of color 

Mutual Aid           Jeb Boone          Direct-service projects and initiatives

Electoral              Anoa Changa          Building direct political power

In development: Labor, Medicare for All

Executive Committee,

Adam Cardo, Chair; Jeb Boone, Recording Secy; Brad Lathem, Chair NE GA branch; Michael Lavender, Membership Secy; Speck Kevin Pratt, Treasurer; At-Large: Anat Fintzi, Erin Parks, Eric Robertson

Press Contact      Jeb Boone