Marching for Our Lives


MADSA members joined some 30-40,000 highly motivated students, parents, teachers and other supporters on the Atlanta March for Our Lives Saturday, March 24. We gave out all our buttons, flew the red DSA flag (thanks Josh) and proudly walked behind our banner while Daniel, on his bullhorn, led chants of "NRA and arms dealers, y'all make money off of massacres! Y'all ignore the students' voice, so we're taking to the streets to bring the noise - bring the noise, we have no choice!" as well as "Black lives matter" and "NRA, go away! Disarm the KKK! Take the cops' guns away! No more racist USA!". The students, including leaders from Chamblee H.S., Paideia and other Georgia schools as well as from Marjorie Douglas Parkland, were eloquent and inspiring, as was Rep. John Lewis. Photos: Reid Freeman Jenkins and (center) Steve Eberhardt.