Incorporation Status

  • Put in for our incorporation 501c3 and request for EIN. Still waiting for 501c4 from IRS. Has to wait on submitting 501c3 until incorporation comes back


  • Speck has put in a ton of reimbursement requests. Need to wait a bit before we can assess the health of our finances. Right now, there’s a lot of untapped potential to raise more money.
  • Plans to work with new membership working group on onboarding
  • Working with Maria Svart on dues shares
  • Still thinking about the best ways to do collect monthly dues

Adam: a member named Steven wanted to talk about his reading group that he created

Twitter Guidelines

  • In response to the NEGADSA kerfuffle earlier in the month
    • Something inflammatory personally attacking another DSA member
  • Eric: our policy needs to be that we have the authority to delete tweets that are misrepresentative of our organization
    • Fundamental right of organization to protect itself.
  • Motion: that any outward facing communications posted by a member on behalf of the organization can be rescinded/deleted by the Steering Committee and/or the contact person of the working group that put out the communication.
    • Motion passes unanimously.

Douglas-Debs Dinner

  • Start looking for people -- in the General Meeting, put out a call for Working Group.
  • Eric - motion to have at least one leadership person on that committee
    • Michael and Speck will both be on it but Eric specifically also wants someone that will bring the current Steering Committee’s vision for it to help guide it.
  • Speck -- brings up the idea of hiring an event manager
    • Eric - “that’s a fantastic notion”
  • Motion: Price out the cost of an event manager for the DD dinner
    • Motion passes unanimously

Working Group Budgets

  • Best Guess: we’re taking in about 10K/year
    • Have no monthly income but are working on the sustainer donors and how dues shares with national will work
  • Discussion of Education WG Budget
    • Do we want to increase the budget so that we can afford to fly people in occasionally? E.G., currently, there is no budget for speakers
  • Motion: Approve Education, Rainbow Roses, and Digital budgets with the stipulation that next meeting will kick-off with a discussion of how we will fundraise as an organization
    • Motion passes unanimously

Newnan update

  • Will be talked about during the General Meeting
  • Eric will give overview

May Day

  • Already endorsed/approved the JwJ events. Just need to announce and direct people to JwJ

Mutual Aid Planning

  • Anat *briefly* updates on the Bus Driver campaign
  • Mentions that Nigel from Milk Co-Op mentioned doing something on June 7th for Co-Op day
  • Eric mentions getting Heather Gray in on this

Working Group Meeting during General

  • In future, WGs send the steering committee their intent to meet during general
  • WG meetings are in 10-15 minutes slots during the general
  • Emphasise that the General is a time for WGs to check-in and update but that the heavy-lifting for WGs is during the month not during the General

National Training

  • During the summer and Adam is willing to head it

WRFG Donation

  • Motion: Give them $200
    • Motion passes unanimously

Dougie Hanson -- Voices of Dissent

  • Adam’s update on Poor People's Campaign -- not going very well
    • Essentially everyone with organizing experience that isn’t Adam has already dropped out. Adam should be getting paid!
  • Dougie has been unprofessional and a huge asshole to Adam
  • End of story: we’re not giving him money.

Steering Committee Timeliness

  • Motion to start Steering Committee at 2:00 instead of 3:00 and have meeting the in the more private meeting room in the back
    • Passes unanimously


MADSA General Meeting 4.29.18

Shannan Reaze from Atlanta Jobs with Justice addressed the meeting:

Passed out a Vote with Justice catalog for the primary election

  • Has a calendar that contains about 200 years of history of working people’s struggles
  • In red in calendar: key political dates for the year
  • 24: 14 issues that are top priorities for pressing candidates about
  • Will touch base with DSA about what questions we want to ask candidates who win the primaries
  • Catalog lists races and bracket system for the elections as well as roles and responsibilities of the different positions

You can also get the catalogs online at Votewithjustice.org

There are Metro Atlanta catalogs as well as North and South Georgia catalogs

Pledge to vote at  bit.ly/votewithjustice18

May Day events (see votewithjustice.org)

  • Electoral work is necessary for moving the state minimum wage
  • AJwJ folks will be talking to DeKalb county workers about a meeting
  • Bus drivers’ campaign will be coming back to MADSA with more actions
  • Bus drivers have gotten raises the last few years but the raises have not been commensurate with rising health care costs
  • Working to see if other, non-monetary, issues can be addressed
  • Message: retaliation for their behavior (the sickout) will not be tolerated

May 19:

  • AJwJ is working with BCTGM (bakery union) to save plant from gentrification efforts and save worker jobs, make sure that the Atlanta plant stays in Atlanta
  • Atlanta Banana Pudding Contest (or any Nilla wafer snack)
  • Meeting at Liberty International Church at Metropolitan
  • 5K canvass to have conversation about justice and then Banana Pudding Contest
  • Registration form should be out this week to register as a walker for the 5k.

Revised MADSA Bylaws were submitted

Main differences:

  • Lowering the quorum threshold down to 5%
  • Process of creating and running a working group
  • Code of Conduct and Grievance Process
  • Harassment Working Group (HWG): we haven’t had issues yet and we want to head them off at the pass.

Want to have a process in place to deal with harassment and make sure that there is some due process (currently, there’s no process at all to deal with harassment).

These are all proposed changes: we have a month to look them over; we will vote next month

There will be a chance to amend the newly proposed bylaws next month.

Please encourage all members to attend the meeting next month so that we can vote.

  • Michael will produce a document that shows the differences between the current bylaws and the proposed bylaws.
  • Bylaws will be changed from ˜s/he” to “they” wherever pronouns are used


Monthly small-dollar donations can be made at: Patreon.com/madsa

Grievance Process/Code of Conduct

  • We are working with a very large and cumbersome harassment policy taken from GATech; it will take a long time
  • Hoping to work with the same document that SF DSA is using for the moment
  • Can be voted on next meeting
  • Will need a Grievance Committee (at least 3 people, preferably not a current officer)
  • Process calls fora Grievance Officer
  • Trying for restorative justice and mediation before formal hearing
  • Question: is Grievance Officer a member of the Steering Committee?Answer: No, they are separate. A grievance could possibly be against a member of the Steering Committee

Motion: That we not adopt the SF DSA Harassment document and we build our own document from scratch. Response:we have a month to come up with another document, folks who are interested should join the HWG slack channel.

Question:What are the specific objections to the SF DSA harassment policy?

Response:HWG should meet within the next week or so and release the minutes of that meeting.

Mobilizer and Dues Drive

Onboarding WG has morphed into Membership WG.

Asking members to renew their duesgives us a chance to speak with folks and get to know them and reconnect with members.

If we want systemic change in the US, it’s going to take money and that’s what the dues do.

If you’re interested in Mobilizer training (a system for contacting members), get in contact with Speck.

Working Group Guidelines

  • Self-form a working group and let someone on the Steering Committee know that your group exists
  • Each WG needs to have a contact person who is willing to talk at the general meeting about what their group is doing.
  • Each group must meet monthly and publicize when they are going to meet
  • Groups should submit a budget to the Steering Committee
  • Groups are empowered to do their own fundraising, and any fundraising they do will go directly to their budget
  • Once this has happened, your group will be listed on the website

Education Working Group

One more Socialist Dialog is scheduled: June 10. Topic: Immigration

 If people want the Dialogs to continue, they need to show up to the EWG meetings

Get in touch most easily through the Slack Channel

Pamphlets are available for pick up

There is also a reading group starting. First meeting: 3-5pm, May 19

Brake Light Clinic

  • Weekend after Mother's Day might not work for next clinic, need to revisit date
  • Also want to talk about having a DIY repair clinic/co-ops: See Erin if you want to join

Newnan Update

  • The cops stole Daniel’s megaphone (assholes)
  • Many of the organizers of the No-Nazi Newnan organization were from the community
  • Comrades headed over the night before to project messages on the buildings
  • Cops showed up to claim that protesters were walking around with weapons
  • Next day, highly militarized police force came to squash the anti-nazi protesters
  • Cops honed-in on Daniel, and dragged him into the street and charged him with blocking the street.
  • Latino friend who expressed concern was clocked in the face and charged with a felony
  • Developing story:A couple of people submitted open records request asking for the justification for bringing out so many cops and so much military hardware. Their intelligence was one FB post by a fake AntiFa page posted by a former naziand another post by a 3%er
  • Still raising legal funds; place to donate is posted online: Twitter, FB, and dsa-atlanta.orgWill be reposted and pinned to top of FB page. 
  • Eric recommended that in future protesters not wear masks, so that we take that specific bit of bullshit ammunition away from the cops
  • We originally aligned with the groups that were organizing to stop the rally. There were other groups, including the Newnan Strong Coalition, that organized to show rejection of the fascist message. These groups didn’t have any real organizational experience and leadership. In future, when talking about organizing against the Nazis, we need to make more effort to reach out and contact local communities that are affected on the ground.
  • If you have or know anybody that has video footage, please get in contact with Daniel Hanley.



  • Steven Molldremisstarting a small organization called the Atlanta Institute for Social Research. It will sponsor a nine-session reading group on Marxist literature. May 23::Is there an alternative to Capitalism?Will post to FB and MADSA website. Most Thursday nights from 6-8.Looking for facilitators.
  • Housing Justice League is also doing a big May Day action. Housing opportunities for Persons with AIDS program is set to lose 55% of funding by 2022
  • Milt Tambor’sHistory of Atlanta DSA is on the website now, thanks to Barbara Joye and Jeb Boone. MADSA history and records are archived at Emory. Emory is giving Milt $2000 for this and he is donating that money (less taxes) to MADSA.
  • Milt said the Open Door Community visited this weekend. We might want to revisit doing more pastoral counseling in prisons.


4/11/18 Officer’s Meeting

Location: Remote (conference call)

Quorum achieved


Vote Milt as agent

  • Vote: Will the MADSA officers elect Milton Tambor as our official agent?
  • Unanimous approval

Decide on name for 501c3 and who does what

  • MADSA Foundation will be the name
  • Michael will handle the paperwork again
  • Will take a couple months to do the paperwork but that’s fine, we can open the account with the check from Milt
  • Use the same bank we’re using now
  • Need a different president for the fund
  • We’ll make it Brad since he’s in both and does southern caucus stuff
  • 501c4 application has been accepted by the IRS
  • Still waiting for approval

Education Wg budget

  • Only pay out what is spent
  • We’ll ask each WG for a budget proposal
  • Mostly just to keep track of things, nothing fancy

National meeting updates

  • Carpool shift schedule https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14ZgA8FYT4A3_kf1pCPMS1Le3iJ-9Dve-JZ6vjIxwRuE/edit#gid=0
  • Make sure the time you put down is still good!
  • Bixby doing personalized itineraries
  • Should be able to send out actual meeting agenda tomorrow

Nationbuilder Purge

  • Want to get off of nation builder
  • Decide on new domain
  • Create nicer looking site
  • Migrate data to new site
  • Get everyone to move to the new domain
  • Michael will delete users this weekend
    • Need to get under 1000
    • Going to delete members that have never visited the website
  • Vote to migrate away from nation builder
    • Unanimous approval


  • Nazi NSM rally in Newnan
  • Calls to distrust their public rally on 4/21
  • NEGADSA endorsing the disruption

Vote for MADSA to endorse the action organized by Atlanta Antifa https://afainatl.wordpress.com/2018/04/08/oppose-the-nazi-rally-in-newnan-ga-april-21/

  • Unanimous Approval
  • Put it in next Monday’s member email
  • Adam will get in touch with Antifa and let them know we’re endorsing it

Anthony Hill/Stephon Clark Solidarity Action

  • https://www.facebook.com/events/138242597013067/

Next meeting

  • Reschedule for Sunday the 29th
  • Adam will let Eric know
  • As people come up with ideas we want to talk about for the meeting, throw them on the trello card for the meeting


  • Response rate so low that we aren’t going to do them anymore


2/24/18 Officer’s Meeting

Location: CWA Hall. Attendees: Adam, Anat, Brad, Michael, Jeb


  • Erin having problems with Georgia’s Own
    • Five days, the person that we were working with hasn’t been good about getting with us
  • We’re good with just appointing Speck without a background check but we want to be able to do it eventually
    • Eric’s supposed to do this
  • Adam going to email Travis about current budget stuff


  • Tax nonprofit information
  • Get it from Travis

Brake Light Clinic

  • Proved membership wants to be involved in concrete actions, mostly around direct service

YDSA Conference:

  • Went great!
  • Nate will talk about it at the general meeting
  • GATech is the only official YDSA chapter in the metro ATL area
  • Some interest in a Kennesaw chapter but the two students that asked about it aren’t really continuing the process

Afrosocialist Happy Hour

  • Not a huge turnout but people who were there had fun
  • Good location
  • Lots of people want to attend but couldn’t make it
  • Erin needs more help with marketing it

Strategy Session

  • SWAT Analysis of our current landscape
    • Feel of our current political situation
      • Allies
      • Threats
  • Formalize the work we’re going to do
  • Setting up working groups
  • Fundraising working group
    • Do we want to encourage voluntary monthly dues?
    • Website, LGBTQ, etc
  • Conference call or meeting next week, Michael will host

Next General Membership Meeting

  • Anat moves to make the next general meeting a strategy session
    • Everyone agrees
  • For today, condense all the reporting to about half an hour
  • Second half of the hour talking about things we want people to keep in mind for the strategy sessions
    • Missions
    • What and how do we endorse
    • How to we get better involved in actions
    • What does it mean to be an active member
    • How to get membership better engaged
    • What campaigns we want to get involved with
      • M4A? Should we sign on?
      • Maybe an easy way to get more people involved
      • Other strategies we can add on to the campaign like tying it to paid sick leave like Austin did
      • Having people speak here isn’t really driving the coordination we’d like to see
    • Need more people to vote in the surveys
      • Survey will be in a different format
      • Some issues with getting survey monkey to work so we’ll try google forms this time
    • In the future we’ll have an open-ended suggestion section
    • For the next one we’ll have people rank those topics in order of importance
    • Misc/Announcements, we want all the officers to decide the agenda for the strategy session
  • Big Cartel swag shop
    • We need new fundraising ideas, we’re on track to run out of money in several months
    • We still have to do all the fulfillment but Big Cartel keeps track of the money and pays it out for us to our bank account
    • Jeb and Michael will coordinate on the emails while he’s on vacation in Japan
    • Mobilizer tool


  • Go with more expensive, better quality shirts?
    • We can subsidize people that can’t afford the more expensive shirts                                         


1/27/18 General Membership Meeting

Vote on nonfeasance for treasurer

  • In accordance with bylaws, we’ll vote for nonfeasance for Treasurer Seth Ellingson
  • Took questions about the process
    • Erin will fill in until the interim
    • Vote for next treasurer will take place at the next meeting
  • Vote was postponed as Seth walked in right before we took the vote
  • Voted to table treasurer nonfeasance, passed
  • While vote was tabled, officers spoke with Seth privately. He agreed to voluntarily step down.

New meeting format

  • First Hour
    • Book report format with speakers
  • Second hour
    • Breakout working group sessions
  • Speakers adhere to predetermined format
  • Increase member involvement
    • Day after general meeting, send out a call for topics to general membership via email
    • Week after, look at all those request and start soliciting speakers for the next meeting
    • Use the request to consolidate the agenda for the next meeting
  • Question:
    • Can we add emergency items to agenda
      • Great idea
    • Can we reserver 10 or so minutes at the end?
      • Ten minutes over the speaker time
    • Vote on meeting format
      • Unanimous approval

Hate free decatur speaker: Sara Patenaude

  • DeKalb County Commission voted to remove the confederate monument on Decatur Square
  • 30-day timeline for next move, specifics of removal/replacement/augmentation with “historically accurate” plaque
  • First municipal board in Georgia to vote to remove a Confederate monument!
  • Put forth a call for people to organize calls from friends & folks outside Atlanta, state legislation is needed
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans have retained a lobbying firm to oppose removal
  • Sara will produce and distribute shareables for us to post/disseminate

End the New Jim Crow speaker: Bert Skellie

  • Began as a reading group for M. Alexander’s “New Jim Crow”, evolved into a support group for formerly incarcerated people and others.
  • Group shares experiences of formerly incarcerated people, suggestions.
  • Current major project: End money bail movement. Good work so far in Fulton and Atlanta. Burt wants to start a sister movement in DeKalb.
    • The attorney general’s criminal reform committee has been considering an end to money bail for misdemeanors
  • BertSkellie@gmail.com


Brake Light Clinic: Erin Parks

  • We’re changing people’s brake lights for free!
    • Pure act of service
    • Avoid police interaction 
  • We have a date, venue and a budget
  • If you want to get involved, please let the clinic working groups, Erin or officers know!
    • Michael has a working list
  • If there is anything at all that you want to contribute just let us know!


  • Are we changing tail lights of all kinds or just brake lights?
    • Tail lights, brake lights, but not the lights higher up on the vehicle
  • Are the "know your rights" pamphlets DSA-only literature?
    • No, we don’t mind any kind that work or partnering with other groups to use theirs

Afrosocialist caucus: Erin Parks

  • Erin’s building the Atlanta DSA Afrosocialist caucus
  • First Afrosocialist event is the black power bowl at khalid’s house!
    • Anti-NFL super bowl party for folks boycotting the NFL
  • Khalid:
    • Owner of Burkharts (lgbtq bar) put out some super racist lit and members of the community are building a boycott
    • Black lgbtq bar crawl this Saturday to super black owned LGBTQ bars
  • We’re taking donations for our black power bowl event
    • Doesn’t have to be money! We’ll take food, booze, anything!

Georgia Tech YDSA: Nate Knauf

  • Chair of GT YDSA
  • Started a chapter at Tech! In the middle of last semester
  • Group chat with over 50 people!
  • Involved with lots of things on campus but helping outside of campus as well, like the brake light clinic and food not bombs.
  • Anti-police violence campaign coming up soon
  • YDSA winter conference in DC on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of Feb.
    • 7 people for GT YDSA going
    • If anyone is interested in going or car pooling, get in touch with nate
    • If you’re a DSA and would like to go to the conference, ATL DSA will reimburse you for travel expenses

Strategy session

  • All dues-paying members together to discuss new ideas, strength, weaknesses, fundraising and wider strategy in general
  • We’ll take your money!

Homeless issues: Marshall Rancifer

  • City is totally unprepared for the number of people on the street after the closure of the Peachtree Pine shelter
  • Since December 29th, people are dying of hypothermia after being turned away from shelters
    • Total of 11 people have died this winter because of hypothermia
      • 8 of those people were unsheltered homeless
    • Other housing task forces have been shut down
    • There is a true homelessness crisis in Atlanta and the city is completely ill equipped to handle it
    • All shelters are at capacity and police are harassing people sleeping in the street when they can’t get into a shelter
    • If you want to help out, donate warm clothes, hand warmers, anything helps
      • Marshal Rancifer facebook, has paypal
      • https://www.facebook.com/mrancifer is best way to contact
      • His phone number is 678-396-5768
      • The Georgia Beer Garden and Joystiq Gamebar is taking donations until Tuesday

Other business

  • Stephen
    • People want to develop collectively-owned LGBTQ spaces in Atlanta
    • Want to put folks in touch with each other who have experience with this 


1/11/18 Officer’s Meeting

Attendees: Adam Cardo, Chair, Anat Fintzi, at large, Erin Parks, at large, Michael Lavender, Membership Secretary (remotely), Jeb Boone, Recording Secretary, Scott Douglass (rank and file member. He also lives here.)


  • Said he was going to come to today’s meeting but he did not attend
  • Not much discussion needed
  • Ask Seth to voluntarily step down via phone and email one more time before starting nonfeasance procedures
  • If he does not agree to voluntarily step down, move on to nonfeasance procedures
    • Requires ⅔ vote of a general meeting
    • Officers at meeting voted unanimously to take this course of action due to the dire nature of financial situation
    • Erin will fill in as temporary treasurer

Holiday Party

  • It’s tomorrow!
  • Scott and Anat will buy groceries for the party but need to be reimbursed ASAP
    • As of right now, Travis is still writing checks for the chapter
  • 10 RSVPs for the holiday party on the website
  • 15 RSVPs on Facebook

Next General Membership Meeting

  • We’ve paid CWA for the space
  • 1/27
  • Introduce the schedule and plan to membership at the meeting
  • Erin will do a brake light clinic presentation
    • Talk it up and present the plan
    • Suggest multiple events
  • Adam will start reaching out to people to present at the meeting
    • Maybe we offer End Money Bail Dekalb and Hate Free Decatur chance to speak at the meeting
    • Also ask Marshall to speak
    • Tech YDSA to report at the meeting too
  • More thoughtful around security, accessibility and childcare
  • Actions for Black History month

Strategy Session

  • Eric brought this up and we’d like to pursue this
  • We’re all stretched thin, everything is pretty ad hoc. Will be important to have a specific strategy session that includes members that might not be as involved to put forth ideas.
  • Closed to only DSA members
  • Set goals that we can attain
  • Start a fundraising committee
  • Sunshine and solidarity committee
    • Get chad’s input since he’s worked with churches in the past
  • Need Eric to be here to set forth some other goals.
  • Will have to be delayed until all officers can discuss further and set a date.
  • Security
  • General meeting committee

 Education topics?

  • Up to the working group to decide but we suggest February dialogue focus on the black labor movement

Bernie M4A Town Hall?

  • At Noni’s

Brake Light Clinic

  • Covered in the general meeting section

Afrosocialist Happy Hour

  • Erin scouting locations
  • Khalid’s earliest availability is Feb
  • Black cultural center in Lithonia
    • See if we can host it there
  • Sometime in Feb since it’s black history month
  • Black only space
    • Announce to membership
  • If not the Lithonia location, Pal’s Lounge
  • Start generating interest now
  • Once we have an audience, start our afrosocialist dialogue event series 

YDSA Conference

  • At Tech YDSA Meeting tomorrow, Adam will be talking to everyone that wants to go up
    • About 5 people that want to go so far
    • We’re planning on funding 5 to 6 people 

Poor People’s Campaign

  • We’ll be participating
  • Want to get involved in educational events
  • If we can, try and bring more explicit anti-capitalism into the campaign
  • Focus on full employment like Dr. King’s original poor people’s campaign
  • Days of action start on May 13th
    • Promote it aggressively on social media and with art and design


  • William A. Edmonson donated $250
    • Michael will forward the donation so we can thank him


Officer Meeting 12/22/2017


  • Adam Cardo, Chair
  • Anat Fintzi, at large officer
  • Michael Lavender, membership secretary
  • Jeb Boone, recording secretary


Seth - Seth has been given opportunity, will attempt to contact before sending email.

Holiday Party:

            - Rescheduled to January 12th, Barbara Joye reached out to Frank Hamilton (Payton's mentor) who agreed to reschedule and will ask Payton to join him.

            -Anat: will redo poster

            -Scott and Jeb will handle social media

Next General Membership Meeting:

            -CWA Hall has been reserved for next 3 months, for $100 each

            -Newly proposed format will be used from now on

            -will take place January 27, 2018

            -Eric needs to confirm with CWA Hall

Strategy Session:

            -Michael will send out email asking membership for topics

            -Should happen 1-2 weeks after January membership meeting


             - Anat asked if we should have fallback for EDBM if Georgia Beer Garden double books again

             - Manuel’s Tavern or other bar will be used in future for fall-back


 - Michael wrote articles of incorporation for MADSA, shared with officers in slack

 - Also, proposed Eric Bell as speaker for Jan membership meeting

Interim treasurer

- Will search for interim treasurer as process around Seth plays out

For next call, will use Jeb’s equipment to record call


Officer Meeting 12/3/2017


  • Adam Cardo, Chair
  • Anat Fintzi, at large officer
  • Erin Parks, at large officer
  • Michael Lavender, membership secretary
  • Brad Latham (remotely), NEGA Branch Chair
  • Jeb Boone, recording secretary
  • Barbara Joye


Treasurer –Adam will discuss with Seth the transition from Travis and new account.


  • Bank total appears to be correct, analysis of dinner finances needs correction.
  • Need checks to pay venue and musicians by Friday
  • Anat still needs to be reimbursed for holiday party groceries
    • Barbara will keep checking in with Travis

                  Anat will create a Google form for payment and reimbursement requests and approvals

                  Keep in mind in advance how much it will cost to send people to the 2019 convention

  • Top of every budget conversation should be convention reimbursement

 Budget Priorities

  • Priority one is reimbursing members for event travel and other expenses
  • YDSA conference in Feb
    • Six people interested in going
    • $150 per person, capped at six people
      • If more people are interested, total amount of money budgeted will not change, amount per person will decrease

Holiday party

  • We’re good, just need to make sure that Anat gets reimbursed
  • Need people to volunteer for different things
  • Greeting from the stage before the music

                  Brake light clinic, another high priority

  • Do we want to do one small scale first or have multiple events in different locations?
  • Budget for one pilot first to see how much enthusiasm there is and how successful it will be
  • Brad will contact some podcasts to announce it
  • $500 for the first one

Other items

  • Getting people more involved with Medicare for All campaign
  • National call on December 9th at 7pm

                  Email from NYC DSA Electoral work

  • Asked to set up a call to discuss other electoral experiences
    • Having khalid on the call would be awesome, Erin will reach out to him
    • Adam will send email out to others

                  Adam talked to Ravi (NPC) the other day about important items

  • Dues renewal
  • Mobilizer system
    • Combine mobilizer system with dues renewal
      • Adam will take point on this

                  Ask people to volunteer $2-10 a month for chapter dues

  • Michael can add to the email template a link to the donation page
  • Float this idea at the next meeting and let people know they can donate

                  NPC wants to talk about rotating location for their meetings

  • Do we want to host the NPC meeting? Yes, just need to get a venue and coordinate housing
    • Joystick for meeting
  • Afrosocialist training in Atlanta
    • In the future, need to do some groundwork first

                  Atlanta JwJ dues

  • Need to ask Neal how much we owe
  • We’re using our ad to pay the dues

                  Rent for meeting venue

  • Eric was supposed to talk with CWA for a venue
    • Eric will call CWA tomorrow
    • Assume $1200 hoping that we can negotiate down to $1000

                  Total budget allocated so far is $2600


  • Super on board with it
  • Give $85, maybe $100
  • Adam will email today
  • Erin will throw in the $85 bucks


Officer Meeting Miuntes


Objective: Unite workers worldwide against the forces of capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and imperialism, duh

Call to Order:A meeting of the officers of the Metro Atlanta chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America was held at Anat and Scott’s on 11/8.


Adam Cardo, Chair

Anat Fintzi, Erin Parks, Members at Large

Jeb Boone, Recording Secretary, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm

Michael Lavender, Membership Secretary

Barbara Joye

Daniel Hanley

James Harvey


-Erin attending training in NYC

-Wants to set up dialogue before Afrosocialist happy hour

-Morehouse Walmart

Douglass-Debs Dinner

-Ticket sales going well-Need volunteers

-Erin volunteers to be greeter

-Barbara will bring tablecloth, cash box, signs, magazines

-Adam will get card reader-Need invocation speaker

-Adam will follow up more

-Barbara will reach out to Milner

General membership meeting

  • Things that work well and things that don’t
    • Need a consistent meeting day and time as well as a consistent meeting place
      • 4th Saturday of every month at the CWA hall at 4 oclock
        • Would need to pay about 1000 bucks up front to the CWA
        • Ask Eric to book the CWA hall for us starting on the fourth Saturday of January
          • Erin will confirm with Eric
      • Officers meeting before the general meeting
      • Hardstop to the officers meeting
        • 3 oclock, general meeting at 4 oclock
    • Meeting should be more structured, not overwhelming and doesn’t run long
      • First hour would be agenda and speaking
        • Business items, speakers and priority items solicited from the membership
        • Speakers must confine themselves to an 8 minute time limit
          • 2 min backgroud, 1 min for the problem, 3 min for what they’re asking for, 3 minutes for questions
      • Second hour would be working group breakout session and luncheon (chat, etc)
    • Want more involvement from the general membership
      • Want space and time for general membership to take ownership over the meeting and general activities
    • Solicit member input on the meeting agenda
      • Anat created schedule with tasks for general membership and officers for different folks to take ownership of.
      • At the end of every general, send out a call for topics for next general, give members two weeks to get suggestions in

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
          General Meeting Send out call for topics for next meeting (members have 2 week to get suggestions in)
          Start inviting/soliciting requests from speakers  
          Remote officers meeting Collate and Consolidate Suggestions & Send out poll created from top suggestions to membership
Speakers confirmed & Agenda is Set based on top 3 priorities from the membership Send preliminary agenda to officers Agenda discussion Agenda finalized Send out final agenda to membership Officer Meeting (3PM – 4PM)General Meeting (4 PM – 6PM)(includes speaker/groups tabling and breakout working group sessions)  

    • Everyone likes this but still wants to make sure we get our quarterly strategic planning meeting in there for members only. Can make one of the schedule days the strategic planning meeting
  • Website redesign
    • Have the design team work on the website now that the Fort campaign is over
    • Could have GATech YDSA help us with this
    • Set up a slack channel for redesign
    • Put out a call to general members to see if they can help as well

Election post mortem

  • Locally things went really bad even though nationally things went really well
    • Atlanta DSA couldn’t get out the general membership to help with the Fort campaign
      • To help with this, we could use the mobilizer system
        • With focus on better reaching out to POC
    • Focusing too much on electoral politics, not enough on outreach, education, social events, direct service, direct action
      • Send supportive email thanking everyone for work with the fort campaign and alerting members of new things they can do not centered around electoral
      • Focus more on building a base through direct service
      • We don’t really have the base of support to really assert our will electorally

Harassment Working Group

  • First meeting scheduled at Anat and Scott’s place
    • Thursday the 16th at 8PM
    • Will be sent to the harassment working group channel
    • Get an agenda in place before then

Brake Light Clinic

  • Need to evaluate finances after the latest DD Dinner and we pay CWA to book all the meetings
    • Ask Seth and Travis
  • Reach out to a new member that works at an autoparts store for discounted supplies
  • Need to work out a location
    • Maybe new member store?

Schedule two officers meetings around internal security and budget

  • Adam sending scheduling suggestions to everyone

Spread Georgia Tech 7 fund around on social media

  • Jeb will tweet
  • Scott will facebook

Shirt designs for holiday season

  • Bixby has designs, we just need to print them
  • Anyone interested in putting together holiday designs?
    • OMG

Next meeting

  • Remote, half hour meeting in two weeks
  • Budget meeting will be in early december
  • Next officers meeting, holiday party should be on the agenda

Another drive for Marshall to help ATL homeless
We have to get the budget on track, people are owed money and are not being reimbursed




Adam Cardo

Eric Robertson

Michael Lavender

Erin Blake

Anat Fintzi

Daniel Hanley

Matt Wolfsen

Nate Knaupf

Barbara Joye

Scott Douglas (for the Slack discussion)

Harassment policy

Erin: not today because it would be too rushed. We should have a dedicated group

Everyone seems to agree.

Eric: we should draw from policies that have worked in the past. Make sure we open that up to the membership. We need to also make sure that we have a written policy that walks the line between providing justice for the victims, restorative justice, etc.

Erin: wants to schedule dedicated day and time

Resolution to a harassment complaint brought by a member: Issue was discussed and it was decided that Eric would handle speaking to the parties in question.


Slack needs to be revised so that it’s not called the social media slack anymore since it’s clearly not that. We need to make it the MADSA slack with a social media channel

Anat: Public “Clearinghouse” channel and then you have to get approved by someone on the exec committee to join another channel. Need to be a member of the group.

Erin: to be on any channel, you have to be a member of that committee

Nate: we shouldn’t have slack to have it as a communication channel for the full membership. It’s an organizational tool and should be used that way. Committees are locked/limited with a random/clearinghouse channel for everyone.

Scott: will figure out a way to migrate the Slack so that it fits with the recommendations. Would require measure of formalization.

Officers’ communications are still over Signal

Solidarity & Sunshine Committee

Erin will take care of organizing that


Adam looking for invocation. Will try to reach out to local speaker.

Adam is going down the list of tasks that we discussed needed to be done last time.

Eric: there’s an inherent lack of democracy in having only informational meetings for our members. We need to have meetings where the membership actually gets to vote – strategic planning meeting that is held regularly that all the members get to vote in and set priorities. Also have assemblies where people can come with concerns, issues, have real ownership of the organization. Would also set us up well for breaking out to neighborhood based locals.

Erin: we need to lockdown a meeting time and then every Nth meeting will be an assembly meeting where it’s not just an informational report.

Barbara: report on the money – we’re doing pretty well on the money. Ticket sales have not finished. Booklet is in good shape. Still getting some last-minute texts on the ads.

Anat – volunteered to proofread the booklet. 

To do: get volunteers for setup, reception, etc.

Meeting Venue

Would it be possible to reserve the CWA hall indefinitely for the year?

Concerns about funds

Eric: do we have a DSA bank account?Barbara: yes.

Eric: we need a steady account that doesn’t get moved. We also need a square (mobile credit card reader) so that people can donate that way. Concern: all the addresses that we use are private addresses. This is incredibly unsafe!!! We need a post-office box. We also need to scrub the addresses from everything public.

Charitable Status

Eric has spoken to Heather about the 501c4 status. He will send out info about it in the next week or so. Barbara reminded him that national has resources for it. He will contact them.

Coalition for people’s agenda

Barbara already spoke with Minnie about this

J20 Coalition

Barbara will send an email about it to Adam 


Adam: We need to have a major security overview and completely revamp how we do security. 

Eric: disagrees – we are a public facing organization. We are not doing anything conspiratorial or illegal. 

Nate: focus should not be about putting up barriers to meetings, we need to make socialism socially acceptable and the way to legitimize is to make it social and open. Goal for security should be personal security. Make guest lists private on FB events, scrub home address/phone numbers.  

Michael: we should ask Seth to set up a PO box.

Dem Socialism 101

khalid setting up event on Nov. 4th. Adam is helping out and will send out info to the officers group

Phone banking

Will be highlighted on this week’s email

Atlanta solidarity fund

Will be broadcasted after the election. Should be sent out to Social Media

Next officer’s meeting: Nov. 8th Anat and Scott will host at 7PM




Unite workers worldwide against the forces of capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and imperialism, duh

Call to Order:

A meeting of the officers of the Metro Atlanta chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America was held at the Georgia Beer Garden on 10/1/2017. Cheers, comrades!


Adam Cardo, Chair

Anat Fintzi, Erin Parks, Eric Robertson, Members at Large

Jeb Boone, Recording Secretary, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm.

Seth Edgewick, Treasurer

Michael Lavender, Membership Secretary

Brad Lantham, Chair of Northeast GA Branch 

Travis Reid

Barbara Joye

Daniel Hanley

People with action items in BOLD

Douglass-Debs Dinner:

  • Need a replacement for invocation
    • Ed Loring can’t come
    • Adam going to ask Asma about an Imam for the invocation
    • Adam going to ask Alyse Cohen about a Rabbi for the invocation
  • Greeters - seating and passing out program books: collecting tickets, starting program promptly
    • Can organize volunteers as we get closer to November
    • Organize members who aren’t as always involved but would like to be
  • Follow up on ads confirmation, text update (if any) and payment - look at last years program book. TEAM NEEDED submit ad text to B. Segal, check to Travis
  • Save program books and send out to supporter who do not attend
    • Scoop up all the ones people leave on the table
  • Mail out tickets
    • Travis handling
  • Follow up with Tammy
  • Sara Jaffe’s reimbursement for travel
    • Eric will email Sara and copy Travis to coordinate reimbursement
  • Adam will pick up Sara from the airport and take her around
    • She’s staying at the Hampton Inn Georgia Tech
  • Jeb will follow up on ads from unions and others
    • If it’s an ad that was in before, “do you want to do it again?”
      • If they say yes “do you want to use the same wording? Have any of the officers changed? We’ll change the name of the awardees”
      • That info goes to Barbara Segal
        • Barbara can create an ad for them or you can send one
  • Brad will post in the Southern Caucus discord to see if anyone wants ads
    • He’ll mention it in the call on 10/2
  • Seth will ask Atlanta vintage books about an ad
  • We’ll stream the event online this year
    • Jeb will coordinate the stream
  • Next year we’ll need a much bigger space
  • We’ll post the event online on October 18th to give people that were mailed invitations a chance to RSVP
    • Daniel will post if someone will get him copy


Plan next membership and officers meeting

    • We’ll switch to a monthly membership meeting
    • Have at 1:30-3:30 at the library
    • Third Saturday of the month
    • Once per quarter, have a members only strategic planning meeting
      • Eric will write an outline of how that meeting will go
      • Target January for the quarterly meeting
    • Officers meeting will take place before the membership meeting 12:30-1:30
    • Jeb will reserve Toco hills library for the the 21st for the membership meeting
  • Erin will look for a better meeting venue
    • Some nonprofits have large rooms that we could use
  • Tabling at events where we don’t normally table at to build relationships in other parts of the city, reach out to AUC campuses and student groups  
  • Anat will survey members about a wide variety of topics, including meeting venues
    • Web-based
    • Data analytics
    • Explore the idea of sending text alerts for reminders on membership meetings or other events
      • When people sign into the membership meeting, they opt in to text alerts
      • Michael will look into text alerts


Update the bylaws

  • Brad, Barbara and Adam will review our current bylines and bring recommended changes to the officers
    • Loop Matthew Wolfsen in as well
    • Adam will convene a bylaws subcommittee


Plan holiday party if agree to hold

  • Logistics can be difficult but not impossible
  • First existentialist congregation of Atlanta (next to Candler park)
  • $150 for the whole thing
  • Barbara will look into it


Process for responding to endorsement requests from allies

  • Michael will ping Maxwell about our chapter email address
  • If someone gets a requests, ping the signal group chat


Chapter Press Contact Person

Jeb will be press contact

  • If a reporter contacts us in any way, just give them Jeb’s phone number


Apply for 501C4 status

  • Eric will get Heather to help on this effort


Support LGBTQ WG at October Pride

  • Working with Fort campaign contingent
  • 14th of October
  • Not doing a booth this year
  • Daniel will coordinate with B. Segal on buttons


Replace Milt at Coalition for the People’s Agenda Meeting

  • We’ll ask Minnie if she’s comfortable representing us there in an official capacity


J20 Coalition

  • Adam will go to the next meeting


Keep supporting annual tour of inner-city communities?

  • Yes



  • Events for when NEGADSA comes to Atlanta as a group
    • Do some canvassing for Fort
    • Need some direction
    • Pick a saturday to come down. Feel free to call any of us if they have any questions about canvassing
  • Shooting range event Saturday
    • Concerns around guns
    • Is it okay for NEGADSA to tweet pictures from the event?
      • For now, refrain from posting gun stuff
      • Coordinate through private facebook group
      • No pictures of it on DSA Media
    • Event with Lucas Chapman, YPG volunteer
      • Cool, just frame it as he’s a rep of his nonprofit org to discuss human rights and kurdish solidarity
      • Stream
      • Put it on our calendar


Increase involvement with the Fort campaign

  • Phone bank our members that live in Atlanta and ask them to volunteer to phone bank and canvass
  • Money bomb where we ask every DSA chapter in the country to Fort campaign
  • Low dollar doner night/dinner
    • Bring in less involved members to help phone bank bank members and other DSA chapter to make low donor donations
    • Oct 13th low dollar donor mixer
      • Anat will plan and coordinate
    • Push out on SUNDAY that we phone bank on WENDESDAY
    • DSA chapter monday bomb for next Thursday
      • Jeb will send Brad a reminder to bring it up on the southern caucus call


Richard spencer at UF

  • 19th of October
  • Organizing with the Dream Defenders to overwhelm the fascists
  • Call to action to endorse, we endorse
  • Boost through email
    • Loop in local YDSA




About 60 in attendance.


  • Eric Robertson on Fort campaign -- need all-out effort;
  • Shannan Reaze on Atl Jobs With Justice -- support flood relief, Fight for 15, Atlanta elections (Oct. 21 forum 10am-5 at central Atlanta library, emphasis on Council races).

Reports from working groups:

  • Social Media -- expanding to swag production, other communications projects; to join, sign up through FB;
  • Education -- two reading groups; see calendar for coming dialogues;
  • LGBTQ -- at Pride march will combine with Fort contingent, tabling planned for events outside Atlanta;
  • Douglass-Debs dinner Nov. 18 – mailing going out Monday for tickets, will sell out very fast.

Officer elections (46 votes cast):

  • Chair – Adam Cardo
  • Membership secretary – Michael Lavender
  • Recording secretary – Jeb Boone
  • Treasurer – Seth Ellingson
  • At-large: Anat Fintzi
  • At-large: Erin Parks
  • At-large: Eric Robertson


MINUTES - General Membership Meeting Aug. 12, 2017

1) A nominating committee was appointed to identify members wishing to run for a position as a MADSA officer at the election to be held on Sept. 16: Milt Tambor, Ray Miklethun, and Steve Gill. Anyone interested in running or nominating someone may contact one of them; nominations can also be made at the meeting.

2) Nine of the delegates presented highlights of the DSA national convention (Aug. 3-6) and projected photos of the historic event. (See website blog for a report.)

2) The membership in attendance voted by a large majority to send the following statement to the DSA National Political Committee, in response to a controversy concerning the election of one of the NPC members, resulting from facts which came to light shortly after the national convention adjourned:

To the DSA National Political Committee:

We, the Metro Atlanta Chapter of the DSA join other chapters, caucuses and working groups around the country calling upon Danny Fetonte to voluntarily resign from his seat on National Political Committee. 

We don’t take such a demand lightly and we understand what a trying time this has been for our Austin and Texas comrades. We’d like to reiterate our solidarity with them and we sincerely hope this statement is not taken as a personal affront to those good comrades doing good work to build socialism across the Texas and the US.

 We also acknowledge Fetonte’s strength and his positive contributions to building socialism - too many to name in this brief statement. That is not what is at issue in this situation. What is at issue is his failure to disclose his past work with the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas (CLEAT) and what we feel was a mischaracterization of that work as “organiz[ing]...state workers”. 

Would Danny have apologized for any perceived misrepresentation, that issue may have been able to be put to rest. He has refused to apologize and instead accused other members of the DSA expressing good-faith concerns of lacking moral courage. 

An issue of greater concern which cannot be resolved with an earnest apology is Fetonte’s presence on the NPC and its negative impact on our ability to organize with immigrant rights groups, #BlackLivesMatter and others. The presence of Fetonte on the NPC has already negatively affected our local organizing relationships and made us a laughing stock among activists of color that are doing incredibly important work - work of which we’d like to remain a part. 

The DSA is already an organization largely made up of white people - an issue that we’re sure 100% of our members would like to remedy. We made a great step in creating a more welcoming environment for people of color and marginalized groups in overwhelmingly passing a resolution creating an Afro-socialist caucus within the DSA. We also elected five incredible organizers and activists of color to the NPC during the convention.

However, the presence of Fetonte on the NPC is a step in the wrong direction and, at least among activists of color in Atlanta, has made the DSA a less welcoming place for people of color, immigrants and other marginalized groups. 

In the interest in preserving our ties with #BlackLivesMatter, immigrants rights groups, LGBTQIA+ groups and many other individuals and organizations of marginalized peoples that are absolutely vital to building socialism and overcoming the ruling forces of white supremacy, patriarchy, imperialism and capitalism, we would urge that Fetonte step down from the NPC and continue his otherwise impressive work as a rank and file member of the organization where we will welcome him as a comrade. 

In Solidarity, 

Metro Atlanta Chapter, DSA


MINUTES – OFFICERS MEETING/Dinner Committee July 5, 2017

Present: Ray, Jeb, Adam, Milt, Barbaras J and S, Daniel, Jackie Rodriguez, Michael L , Travis, Cecily

Education Working Group: Ray reported that the July 16 Socialist Dialogue will use a more interactive format – small group discussions facilitated by Ian Fletcher and others. This will correct the criticism of previous Dialogues that there was not enough time for audience discussion.

New study groups: Two sets of five sessions on Ideas for Action by Cynthia Kaufman. One meets weekly Thurs. eves starting July 20 at Cecily’s, led by Cecily and Stan Williams; the other will be biweekly starting July 29, location TBA. To be announced at the July 16th meeting and soon in calendar. Other opportunities for plugging in to current activities will be presented at the end of the July 16 meeting.

Next meeting Tues. July 18 at Cecily’s will plan next Dialogues.

Social Media – Jeb reported on their move against a white supremacist group online; receiving a greeting tweet from Chelsea Manning; working on getting a MADSA email address. Revised the member database. Asked to write a letter to the editors of New York mag, submitted two.

DSA convention  -  Barbara J reported on the July 15 national virtual conference on proposed national priority resolutions scheduled at Joystick (Jeb handling tech) and other conference calls planned for the delegates on other resolutions, schedule TBA. (Forgot to mention: there will be a workshop at the convention on the process for getting chapters 501 C 4 status.)  – Barbara


Jacobin Reading Group -  Adam is resigning from organizing this. Milt and others praised Adam’s leadership of the program, which has been well attended both by DSA and non-DSA folk. Discussion of how the group can be continued by others. The coordinator finds a facilitator for each meeting who decides on the readings. 


Future membership meetings – Next is Aug. 12. Agenda: Reports back about the convention; kicking off MADSA officer election process: A3-member nominating committee to recruit nominees (to be voted on in September) will be elected. Volunteers  are Ray, Bob Caine and Milt.

We discussed outreach to new members. Michael will work on identifying them from the list we received tonight from the national office and send it to Cecily, who will call and invite them to the education event July 16.


Cecily asked that the officer meetings be more regularly scheduled. Agreed.


Douglass-Debs Dinner -  Sarah Jaffe has confirmed as keynote speaker. Eric will introduce her. Travis will pay for her airfare and hotel. (Rose Ann DeMoro and Bill Fletcher were not available.) Awardees: Khalid Kamau (ask Erin to present) and Muwali Davis (to be confirmed). Venue: Travis will send a deposit. We anticipate more than 100 people. Same menu, $35 per person cost; tix $50. Scott Payton will perform. Milt invited Ed Loring to give the benediction if he can attend. MC – should be one of the new officers. Discussion of ticket order cards and envelopes. Travis will handle ticket sales. B Segal will help update the invitation and RSVP card and work with Travis on the printing. Letter to potential patrons asking $100 seed money attendees will go out in August and invitation after Labor Day. Barbara J will work with Milt on the letter to patrons and send it to B Segal. We can fold and stuff the mailing just before the August 12 meeting. B Segal will update the stationary. Need program booklet ads!  


Fort campaign - Jim Skillman will be organizing a fundraiser. Our members have been canvassing. Sen. Fort called to thank us.


Internal chapter matter – Confidential issue raised to Adam, asking support from our leadership: Cecily suggested an approach to the individuals involved and will follow up. We will also try to enlist help from the two MADSA members who work with Atlanta Women for Equality.


Cecily asked for support for her candidacy for co-coordinator of YDS. She will be going to the YDS convention in Chicago.



MINUTES - OFFICERS' MEETING/Dinner Committee – APRIL 19, 2017

Present: Barbaras J and S, Adam, Eric, Milt, Jeb Boone, Michael Lavender, Maxwell Ruppersburg, Ray, Daniel

Education Working Group – Ray reviewed the committee’s report. Proposed a study group on Ideas for Action by Cynthia Kaufman and the Black Lives Matter platform, to start in May. Socialist Dialogue scheduled for May 7 (film etc., see calendar). Next one may be in popular education style (small breakout groups with trained facilitators).  Cecily will present a short talk on Bayard Rustin at the beginning of our June membership meeting, first in a series of educational segments.

National Free Them All Moma’s Day Bailout Action – Erin and Cecily not present so no report at this time. We signed up to support. (UPDATE -- Erin will fill out their required Memo of Understanding for sponsors and send for review. BJ)

May Day/Int’l Workers’ Day events:

Sunday, April 30 – From 2 to 5 pm organizations participating in the May 1 action (see below and calendar) will speak about their issues. Ian Fletcher will speak briefly on the origins of May Day; BJ is organizing a reprise of last year’s presentations on U.S. labor history with volunteers depicting various labor heroes and heroines; and the AFL-CIO will host a program for Workers’ Memorial Day remembering workers killed or injured on the job. (Note: A family emergency has required the Wolhueters to drop out as they may leave town at the last minute. Michael Lavender will play Big Bill Haywood; looking for Mother Jones.) The Segals will staff our lit table (furniture provided) but others are encouraged to volunteer! Location: Pavilion at Rev. James Orange Park, 1305 Oakland Dr. Flier coming soon.

Monday May 1 – Big rally in front of Washington St. entrance to City Hall led by GLAHR and Atl JwJ, orgs w specific campaigns and demands will speak (not us), then we go to the City Council meeting and everyone signs up for the public comment period, on any issue you want. 

Soc Media working group – Michael reported 1000+ followers on Twitter (up from 200) and Daniel said 3000 FB followers. Maxwell will work w B Segal on a better way to send emails and newsletters and manage database that also tracks contributions etc. We pay for Nationbuilder. Travis proposed sending action emails that let people send emails to an elected official. May cost a bit more. Michael submitted a draft of basic MADSA contact and committee info to send to new members. Next meeting: Sunday April 23. Nationbuilder could send an email alerting people about new blog posts and events.

Tent City/Housing Justice League w ATL is Ready/SURJ/Our Revolution etc – Adam proposed we accept their invitation to meet there. BJ said not for the business meeting about electing delegates etc as AtlJwJ found this didn’t work well, too many distractions. They need donations too. Social Media may meet there (?)

National DSA Convention – Next MADSA general meeting at Toco Hills library Sat. June 3 will elect delegates. Milt said delegates need to make a commitment to use the experience to help build the chapter. Candidates will be asked to either write or speak at the meeting about why they want to be a delegate. We can provide $500 each depending on the number of people who need it. This will be a much bigger convention, reflecting the tripling of our membership. We will know soon how many voting delegates we can have. Maybe 14. Any member may attend the convention, and we highly encourage this. Great experience, say BJ and Milt, and as Milt pointed out, the org is much larger and different than in the past, should be very interesting.

Childcare – We need to offer this at meetings. Adam offered to help.  (UPDATE- I added this to the May 7 calendar listing.)

Khalid’s win – Eric helped push the phone banks for the runoff, which was difficult till the end. But Khalid won 2-to-1. Wahoo!

Eat, Drink and Be Marxist – Jeb is Comrade Commissar this time. Adam will be security liaison if any problems. See awesome poster by Bixby on MADSA FB page, will be displayed at the entrance to our seating area to help people find us. See photos from last month on website (scroll down).

Douglass-Debs Dinner – We will send Detroit $350 for their dinner (they send us the same amount for ours). Milt reviewed the outline of tasks and past awards/speakers etc. Need people to update the mailing list, receive checks, solicit adds, phone members, volunteer at the event. Followup: Booklets mailed to patrons who couldn’t attend. Michael L and Maxwell R will work on the mailing list. Venue (same), date (Nov. 18), priority keynote speakers Eric (?) will invite (1. Roseann Demoro, 2. Bill Fletcher), ticket price ($50) agreed on.

Next DD committee meeting: Wed. May 3, 7:30, again at BJ’s house.



Present: Milt, Ray, Larry, Daniel, Barbaras J and S

Membership –  Milt reported that we now have 300 paid members just in the Atl metro area!

Treasurer's report – Travis is in Prague.

YDS report – Khalid spoke at the convention. BJ: Adam is writing a report for the national blog. Four Atlanta members attended and Dave from Athens.

Organizing the South in Miss. March 4-5 – info on anyone going (Adam?)

Education report – 1st “ABCs” session drew about 60, 2nd fewer: 26th, good discussion well facilitated by Henry Kahn. Next sessions will be led by group members.

68-70 have RSVPed. Instead of signup sheets, Ray had people enter their contact info on a tablet. B Segal recommended we do this for all signups.

Ray said his planning group has not been working well. However, Soc Dialogue March 19th  “Resisting the Trump/Republican Agenda” is in the works; still need a few speakers. Sen. Fort and Adelina Nicholls confirmed, Minister Mohammad invited. B. Segal will send Ray contact info for Elise of Jewish Voice for Peace and CAIR if needed. Special need: Speaker on “projecting a socialist vision of the future.”

May 7 still open, as author not responding. June 15 is anniversary of passage of the espionage act; possibly a theme.

We can have volunteers at the next events sign up for Fort’s and possibly Khalid’s campaigns.

Venue for future meetings – Application in for Wheat St. Baptist Church basement for Apr 1, June 3, Aug 12 and Oct. 7. Seems likely.

March 25 bus and study tour – Larry reported no more Ga. State participation, as  Chuck Steffens not teaching the course. Anna Kim at Tech is bringing her class. 13 others have paid. B Segal will send the flier again with the Dialogue flier. Beltline planner has dropped out. Everything elses on target. Need another 20 to sign up. Bus $550 this year. Will promote at education events.

Social media working group – Minutes circulated. BJ will see who from the group can report to the April membership meeting.

Next membership meeting – Milt suggested asking Renitta to speak about what happened with the state legislature. Need more interesting speakers like last time. B. Segal will ask Mary Hooks etc. from SONG. B Segal emphasized that follow up right after the meeting with lunch or action is important.

2017 Douglass Debs Dinner – Bombshell: Milt can’t be in charge any more. (After 10 years of very hard and very effective work he deserves a rest! -  BJ) A committee needs to take it on. Agreed to ask at the April meeting who wants to work on this (not necessarily the same kind of fund raising event). We will bring sample programs to show the new people, and explain why it’s been important to the community.

DSA national Convention Aug 4-6 in Chicago – David Duhalde said we would probably be able to have 10 delegates. This will mean more $ needed for subsidies!

Action report – Daniel mentioned the DNC participation, and reported on his IBM campaign, which is in a stressful period due to an internal disrupter, but they are planning to deliver their petition soon to NYC and Atlanta headquarters. We should support the Atlanta event.

Coalition reports- GA J 20 coalition still meeting; BJ and BS will attend March 9. Seth did not attend the Atl JwJ organizing committee meeting.



Present: Milt, Barbaras S and J, new member Evan O’Reilly, Eric, Travis, Adam, Reid, Ray, Daniel

Membership – We will call the newer (post-election) members to invite them to the Feb.11 meeting and the new study group. We also want to gather informally after the meeting, 1:30-3, preferably at Manuel’s if we can get a space. Eric suggested providing some food – B Segal will inquire about price and space. Working groups can meet then.

Election support – Khalid and Fort. We can endorse as a 501 C4. Milt will consult with Sen. Fort’s expert Jeff Disantis on this.

Feb. 11 Meeting agenda (Ray will bring nametags):

Welcome (Milt)

Poem by Hank Stewart

Brief reports on activism and education (5-10 mins):

            Tim Franzen (Fort campaign, Turner Field coalition)

            Khalid campaign (Khalid)

            DC march report (Richard Oliver)

            GA J20 Coalition (BSegal and BJoye)

            Atl JwJ (Shannon Reaze)

            Refugee work (Justin Howell)

            Leonard Peltier denied clemency, what can still be done (Reid Jenkins)

            Education Working Group, forums and “ABCs of Socialism” study group (Ray)

            Jacobin reading group (Adam)

Audience Q and A, announcements

Disband to Manuel’s for working groups and informal socializing; Milt will engage with those not in a working group.

Working groups

  • Labor – Adam and Eric will contact and set up a meeting.

            We need to form an elections working group. Eric says the Fort campaign is our most important program.

  • Education working group report – Ray

Socialist Dialogues: March 19th: Our Task: Resisting and Envisioning (Fort, resisting Trump/Republican agenda, defending and protecting victims, socialist vision for the future)

                        May 7th: Carol Anderson (Emory prof, White Rage author)

                        June: 100 Years of Political Repression (anniversary of Espionage Act)

New study group on “ABCs of Socialism” five consecutive Saturdays starting Feb. 18 at Decatur Rec Center; 17 signed up (see attachment; Ray broke down book by topic).

  • LGBTQ, Action, Social Media yet to convene.        

Jacobin reading group – end of Feb. will resume.  Last meeting was good, on future of the left.

Young Democratic Socialists winter conference – Adam’s friend has obtained a $200 travel scholarship for our group of four members. We can contribute $1,000 in addition. (Two others are attending, one with a national scholarship.) They are from UGa, Tech, GSU, Emory (?)

Gentrification and Equity bus tour – March 25

            We will pay for a bus with admission of $20, $10 for students, as before.

            Tour will go to Peoplestown, Summerhill, Old 4th Ward, beltline, and include an action.

            Flier will be ready for Feb. 11. (For details see Larry Keating)

GA J20 Coalition – See report at dsa-atlanta.org and attached press release, with links to the coalition membership list and 19 demands presented to Mayor Reed’s office by 500 demonstrators Jan. 20. Written response promised w/in 7-10 days. B Segal complimented the excellent organization and meeting facilitation of this coalition, and its leadership by women, mostly of color. B Joye said the next actions and ongoing coalition structure are still in planning stage. Meetings every Tues. eve at 7 pm. Organizations wishing to join must send a rep to the meetings.

Atlanta Jobs with Justice – One of our oldest and most important coalitions. B Joye urged that the Labor Working Group recruit someone to replace her at most meetings, which are the first Tues. of the month. Current plans include electoral work, supporting Fight for $15 for city workers, 2nd May Day festival (April 30).

Education conference – Eric suggested a day conference to give our membership a better sense of the organization. We need to turn the members into leaders; organizer training. Eric will submit a proposal.

Leonard Peltier –  Reid reported on Pres. Obama’s denial of clemency to Peltier. Daniel is sending info about a Standing Rock demo this Sunday; Reid will communicate with the organizers about mentioning Peltier. (See national DSA blog posts by Reid: http://www.dsausa.org/native_struggles_continue_while_leonard_peltier_languishes_in_prison and (2013) http://www.dsausa.org/leonard_peltier

Light projections -- Daniel reported on his Peach Drop caper (see newsletter at dsa-atlanta.org).



Present: Milt, Barbaras S and J, Daniel, Cecily, Adam


  • Jacobin reading group – Adam: Going well. Probably won’t meet at Manuel’s but have a private home space. Having some difficulty finding facilitators and finding diverse participants. Next meeting not set yet; was last Sat. but probably first Sat of Jan.
  • SURJ – Daniel: He and Megan helped conduct a direct action training session. 100 people attended. BJ: Overflow crowd for earlier general meeting at Decatur Library.
  • Social media – Daniel: High-attraction items lately. Light projections popular. Viewers invited to follow our FB page.
  • IBM petition – Daniel: He works for IBM. The CEO congratulated Trump and pledged to collaborate on security, praised tax cuts etc. So Daniel reached out to other dissenting employees and wrote a petition with a variety of demands. He is collecting signatures, at risk to his job. Eric consulted. Milt offered advice.
  • Johnnie Martinez - He sent Daniel FB messages about the Atlanta City Council privatizing streets and undermining the union effort at the airport, and urged that a DSA member run for city council. He wants to fund a campaign. We (Who?) will consult Eric, and Renita and maybe bring it up at the party.
  • Ga-J20 coalition. –Barbaras and Cecily: See BJ’s emailed report on first meeting. Cecily commented that people were trying not to step on each others’ toes. Need for facilitation and structure and a  plan, which is in the works. Next meeting at Coalition on Hunger office, 7pm Wed. Dec. 14. 

Beer Garden – BJ forwarded his email saying we could hold meetings there, probably starting later (1 pm). We would like to accommodate his schedule  and look again at the space.  BJ will follow up with him.

Dec. 13 Ed and Murphy tribute – Milt: Heather Grey organizing this. Over 100 are coming. Milt will speak. Travis is getting them a tablecloth as a gift. Sen. Fort may get a proclamation.  Need brochures; B Segal will arrange for reprint. Milt wrote review of Terry Easton’s book for Hospitality newsletter.


1)   Who invite? More than just DSA members. Social media (Daniel). Invite organizations: WAND (BJ), Fight for 15 (Jaira, BJ), JWJ (BJ), Rise Up (Adam), Atl is Ready (Adam), Tim Franzen (B Segal), People’s Agenda (Milt). BJ will post on calendar.

2)   Program: Socialist speed dating (Who organize?); Milt will talk about DSA, recognize committee chairs; call attention to a flier listing committee chair contact info and upcoming events: GA-J20 action, MLK  march, Dec. 19 demo,  Fort campaign, Jan. education program.  BJ and BS will produce the info flier. We (BS?) will have signup sheets for the committees – renamed working groups.

3)   Music – Daniel will bring his music tape and boombox.  (NOTE: A piano is available in the room; anyone we know play? – BJ)

4)   Food – provide main dish, ask for contributions. BS will ask Ray if his relatives  can supply – we can pay. $200+ – or get Kroger platters - and will ask Ray to advise on paper plates, napkins, cups, forks & spoons.

      Also beverages (WHO? - BJ) though flier says BYOB.

5)   Takeaways – All: Set up 1 hr in advance. Set up tables with tablecloths, flier, brochures, buttons (Daniel), new issue of DL magazine (BJ, Milt). B Segal will bring red carnations for the tables.

BJ will get the rental fee to the church office and pick up the key



Present: Milt, Travis, Ray, Daniel, Eric, Adam, Barbaras S and J

Ed and Murphy sendoff -- changed to Nov. 13 at Wheat St. Baptist Church. Admission $10. Need to announce and ask for RSVPs.  BS will send flier Fri. Farewell lunch and celebration of the work of the ODC. Milt suggested giving them a DSA tablecloth. BS will order a $6 one with a logo on it and Travis will order it and pay. B Segal will design announcement Friday aft with BJoye’s help.

Dougie – Requested contribution for his radio program. Agreed to give $200.

DD Dinner – Huge success, raised $6519, attracted new members. Implications for next year: Need someone to handle the mailing list and labels, as Norm is gone. This event very important for our “brand.” Will need more people helping out. Will probably be bigger.

Socialism 101 at Decatur Rec – Not too many people filled out the forms indicating specific interests. Brian Snead will work with us on social media. 

“Fuck Trump” incident – Daniel reviewed how it started, amid the emotions of the post-election. He posted the photo as DSA, as he had done with the Bernie signal, to add content to social media.  Eric reported on the positive response from the bystanders as people marching chanted the slogan. Daniel and his volunteer made a video, with the DSA name and shared it on various FB pages. Ch. 11 TV did a story, contacted Daniel and Milt, followed by AJC and local Fox affiliate. Consensus that this was generally a good thing, despite frustrations of dealing with media.

New members – Need to improve assimilation.  How to reach out? One on one is best. Phoning them may not be effective. (See holiday party planning) Need to strengthen our committees.  Considered an action committee, plus social media: Daniel, Pride: Travis and BSegal; education: Ray; labor: Eric. (Am I missing any?) Need list-serve for volunteers, active members. Daniel said Slack not easily accessible.  Barbara S says mailing list needs to be made more agile, move to Nationbuilder.

Debrief” holiday party – Don’t call it “debrief.” Holiday connection? Need larger space. Ex-cong is available Dec. 16; BJoye will confirm and handle paperwork, Travis will mail check.

  • Start 7 pm.
  • Food – potluck. (Needs more discussion)
  • Invitations to supplement email: Send postcards? Text w flier to new members.  We will divide up the list. Email flier to whole paid lists.
  • Agenda ideas for meeting at party: Discuss action proposals. Hook up with committees. Offer post-it notes for expressing thoughts. Action ask? Appear at Trump tour event? Ask to attend inauguration actions, anti-T coalition meetings – these can be specified later. Announce education meeting (see below).

Organizational development - How combine street action, education and building structure? Announce education meeting(s) using ABC of Socialism. One day? January. Ray will organize this.

Socialist Dialogue – Jan. 15, Movement for Black Lives panel (Adam organizing).

Jacobin reading group – Probably Dec. 3 (Adam organizing)

Anti-Trump coalition -  Ray said needs more direct, concrete messages than in NPC statement. Milt proposed getting with Shannon and Jaira. Adam will reach out to Muslim community contacts and BJoye will reach out to GLAHR, offering help.

 Vincent Fort’s campaign – Take a position? Group canvassing as individuals, as we did for Fort in past and Jim Nichols recently.

Membership meeting venue – Bjoye will contact Johnnie Martinez about Beer Garden. Next meeting will be in Feb.



Present: Ray, Travis, Bill N, Cecily, Milt, Barbaras S and J, Adam, Daniel (Eric was in negotiations for his union)

1) Pride: Need to finish staffing the booths, though B Segal will be there except during the march. Cecily, Greg, maybe Minnie signed up. Discussion of banners, shifts, setup etc. Daniel will bring the button maker, which was a big draw at the Rivers festival table. Travis said we will have survey forms so we can learn more about those who sign up. The Pride@work people will join us at our booth and probably march with us. B Segal distributed a flier for Oct. 16. There will be an art party to make buttons etc., at B Segal’s house on Friday.

2) Oct. 16 Open House: Milt distributed a packet of materials for the participants, which Ray will bring because Milt will be coming from the airport. We reviewed the program outline and Ray previewed his fabulous slide show. We divided up the list of new members to call and encourage them to attend.

3) Douglass-Debs DinnerNorm and Dale won’t be able to attend, so need to acknowledge them in program booklet. Milt reviewed the introducers. Milt urged Daniel to recap his Bernie impression, as it was so memorable last year and Larry Cohen and Killer Mike haven’t seen it. We have about $7000 so far. The program booklet is in progress, with about half of the expected ads paid for. We will give a few free ads to Maria Svart and some others, as space permits. Reduced price tickets are available for students and low-income people. Volunteer assignments: Cecily will sell books and T-shirts (Cecily’s book, Open Door book, and Jacobin’s Socialism 101). Buttons: Daniel. Sign-in and nametags: B Joye, Travis, Bill N. Greeters and escorters and herding people from bar to tables: everyone else. All volunteers should arrive by 5:30. Judy W. will lead singing.

4) Adam reported that he and Eric are discussing starting an Atlanta DSA labor branch.

 5) Milt reported that at noon, Tues. Dec. 6 we will join the People’s Agenda to hold a farewell for Ed and Murphy at Wheat St. Baptist Church, mostly organized by Agenda and Heather Grey.

 6) Education committee/Socialist Dialogue will meet at B. Joye’s house on Oct. 12 at 7 pm to plan the next few sessions. One possibility is the Emory prof. who wrote “White Rage” and the Emory prof. and poet Kevin Young. Cecily will contact them (knows Young).

 7) Jacobin group – May have the next meeting at the house of a couple of regulars. Adam will send us the info. Probably needs to meet on a Sunday.



Present: Barbaras S and J, Milt, Ray, Adam, Daniel, Bill K, Bob C

Membership – Milt reported that we have a total of 164 members in GA! But most who sign up through the national website don’t show up, even though he reaches out to them and BSegal sends them our latest lit. (One new member is incarcerated in the federal prison in Jackson!) Milt recruited a few new members at the book party and encouraged us to do the same, one-on-one, but make sure they send the dues.

Open House Oct. 16 – Need to get to know new people and incorporate more of them in active roles. See attached agenda proposed by Milt, with revisions based on discussion. Daniel and Adam and BS will work on an evite, and we will phone the couple dozen new members to encourage them to attend. An active member will be identified to lead a committee and sign people up for each of the interest areas listed. Environmental issues was added to the list. BSegal will check out Twain’s for the all-important informal after-meeting gathering, as it is walking distance from the Center.

Fight for 15 allies meeting Wed. Sept. 21 – Bill, Barbara S and Ray will attend this meeting at the GA Raise Up office in East Point. (Important to support the organizations in which new members like Jaira are leaders, especially doing anti-racist work, a DSA national priority -  BJ)

Douglass-Debs dinner – We can give away about 20 tickets to low-income people. They should contact Milt, who keeps track of the tickets. We have raised about $4000 so far for expenses, a good start, mostly “patron” donations. Peoplestown org and Tim Franzen’s org are buying tables. We will give special recognition to Norm if he shows up. Program booklet is underway; anyone knowing an ad prospect is encouraged to follow up. Business card size is $50, quarter page $125-200 (flexible), half page $350, full page $600.

Radical Book Fair Oct. 15 – at Auburn Ave. Research Library.  Adam is pursuing a DSA table. Barbara, Adam, Ray will table with our lit, ABCs of Socialism etc. Speakers should be quite interesting (see online).

Many Rivers to Cross concert Oct. 1-2 – Social justice music, sponsor Belafonte. Daniel will get more info. Raise Up will be tabling, maybe us if we can.

September 24 membership meeting – BS will send another notice. Ed and Murphy will be there. Email should ask people to call if they need childcare. Bob Caine: No new nominations. Eric will run, Daniel not. Cecily will run, Greg not. Bob mentioned starting a development committee to develop new people for next year. The committees formed Oct.14 should help develop leaders if they meet regularly.

Education Committee – Ray will announce an Oct. 12, 7:30 meeting at Java Monkey.

Tribute to Ed and Murphy – Milt is talking to Helen Butler about organizing a tribute event for before they leave town.

Pride – The committee is trying to reach out to the new labor committee pride@work but have not yet succeeded. We will give away buttons, updated brochure and fliers, and will ask people to sign up saying what they want to do. BS and Daniel will work on the signup sheet. The committee will sign people up for the booth at the Sept. meeting and with phone calls. Very important, as some key people who worked the booth last year (Steve, BS) will be out of town.

Anti-OSD House Parties – Tim was scheduled to pitch this Atlanta for All project to us but did not attend the meeting.

Social Media team – Daniel proposed a workshop for website, FB etc. posting. Adam will help. BJ enthusiastic.                    

Jacobin reading group Sept. 25 – Adam has recruited another facilitator who founded YDS in Iowa; he suggested a reading about Puerto Rico. Others are possibilities. TBA.

NEXT OFFICERS’ MEETING – Wed. Oct. 5, 7:30 pm, BJ’s house.




Present: Ray, Barbaras S and J, Jennie, Bob C, Greg, Steve W, Wendell, Travis, Milt, Cecily, Adam


a.     Aug. 14: We reviewed the program for the Socialist Dialogue film showing and discussion Arrive early to help set up and also stuff Douglass-Debs Dinner mailing.

b.   October Socialist Dialogue will be Oct. 16, to avoid conflict with Pride. This will be a special open house for bonding with new people. Eric Robertson’s idea; suggested title: “Continuing the Revolution, an Introduction to DSA”, followed by informal gathering at a bar. Thinking Man’s Tavern suggested. (Less noisy than Twains.) Suggested program: Pairing off to exchange “how I became a socialist”, followed by panel of three people from different generations (including Eric) talking about their political journey, how DSA different from other groups, and where we go from here. Intro to national organization (Barbara J). Food and lit. Bob C and BJ will help Milt on an outreach committee, whose first task is to plan this program (see 3 below). Need to update brochure and do lit packet. Barbara S and Travis will work on that. BJ suggested giving away the Jacobin publication “The ABCs of Socialism” to new members in some way.

 c. 2017 dates so far: Jan. 15 (King weekend), March 12, May 15.

We brainstormed about topics: Queer activism going forward (not history); panel of BLM spokespeople (Adam can do outreach); Chuck Steffens’ powerpoint on 1996 Olympics; economic growth issues (based on book); universal guaranteed income; Bob Zellner (“The Wrong Side of Murder Creek” autobio of civil rights work etc); post-election peace issues.

2)Jacobin reading group – next meeting will probably be end of August. Adam coordinating. Previous meeting had good discussion though location fell through at last minute, had to be moved.

3) Sept. 23 membership meeting.

Officer elections: Bob C is nominations chair. Another email will go out asking for nominations/volunteers. Two positions are open, as Greg and Daniel want off.

Need an outreach committee to better incorporate new people. B J suggested the committee organizing the October gathering should be it (see above). Agreed. Cecily suggested continuing her volunteer meetings for outreach. Agreed. Adam suggested a labor committee, which YDS has.

Terry Easton will talk and bring copies of his book. Murphy Davis may be there too.

4) Pride festival. Committee reached out to Shannon from JWJ but she has not responded yet. Want to work a labor angle, job discrimination etc. Committee needs more members.

5) Douglass-Debs Dinner: Please come early to film on Sunday to help Milt stuff invitations into envelopes. Barbara S will get tickets printed.

6) National College Media Assoc. Oct. 26-30 at Hyatt Regency: Cecily will be a keynote speaker about new trends in memoir writing.  We could invite interested people to a DSA get-together. She will also be at the Decatur Book Festival. She will send us specific info about times and places for these events.

7) Adam will write something for our web page on the YDS conference he attended. Many college students for Bernie groups want to become YDS chapters.

8)Adam is on national DSA’s Anti-Racism Working Group. Let him know if you are interested in participating.

9) Labor Council Labor Day picnic in Hapeville – we can announce our events. Contact Milt.

10) Aug. 20, 10 am-noon rally vs. Opportunity School District at 1st Iconium. Sen. Fort wants us to attend. Important issue.

11) Aug. 13 book launch party – We have called our member list. Flier was sent with Douglass-Debs mailing. Cecily spoke to People’s Agenda and was invited to the Labor Council meeting. Maricela will sell tacos at the Beer Garden site so she can tell people to go to the Music Room. Ray will bring fliers for the film Sunday. T-shirts have been made for sale, with various slogans.  Discussion of how the funds are channeled (Greg is the bag man).  A guest list of donors will be at the door. Cecily is working with the DJs and artists. Cecily is getting fliers printed. We will need to pay $100 for the sound technician (down from the usual $150); Milt offered to contribute the fee. Reid will take photos, needs to call Manuel Llaneras to do the same. Cecily asked if Maricela could sell tamales at the film, as she invested in supplies before knowing about the new venue. Ray suggested MADSA buy the tamales she doesn’t sell in front of the Beer Garden and making them available at the film for refreshments; agreed.

Cecily reported that a spin-off music group will be holding other events for the Civil Disobedience Fund in future.

Volunteers: Needed for tabling upstairs, helping w T-shirts, two people on hand to do odd jobs; take admission from people not on guest list. Jennie, Bob C, Barbara, Walter, Adam, Travis, Milt and Ray will help (Adrian had to cancel - BJ). Other tables will be Daniel Blackmon’s anti-mass incarceration organization and #Atlisready. We will ask Daniel to intro Cecily. Nyrobi Moss will Emcee the music. Need clipboard and lit, including film fliers.  Checks will need to be made out to Housing Justice League, which handles the money. Or, better, pay online (Cecily will set up computers).

All volunteers are urged to be at the venue 4-6 to set up tabling etc., and figure out volunteer assignments over dinner.                        



PRESENT: Ray, Milt, Barbaras S and J, Nancy Daniels, Greg, Travis, Cecily, Daniel

DOUGLASS-DEBS DINNER – Letter for seed money is going out next week. Killer Mike’s scheduler has listed our event. Milt will ask Sen. Fort to present. Larry Keating will give award to Columbus Ward. CWA rep will present an award to keynote speaker Larry Cohen. Award to Norm if he can be there.

SOCIALIST DIALOGUE – Ray has fliers, DVD for film Aug. 14. WAND will help promote. Last in series for 2016:  October – Special program for new people, at Dec. Rec. center. Eric Robertson is helping plan. After presentations, may break into small groups or pair off, convene at Twain’s afterwards. Dialogue planning meeting TBA. Ray will cancel reservation for Oct. 9 due to conflict with Pride and reschedule.

NOTE: A planning meeting will take place at B Joye’s house on Tues. Aug. 9. This can also be an officers’ meeting, as the book party will take place that weekend and we need to divide up our members’ list to call people about it.

SEPTEMBER MEMBERSHIP MEETING – Terry Easton, author of new book on Open Door historic episode will speak. BS will invite Ed and Murphy etc. Other agenda item: Officer election. Bob Caine will serve as nominating chair again. Officers wanting to step down should notify him and help find a replacement.

LGBT COMMITTEE/PRIDE - All set up for booth Oct. 8-9 and parade Oct. 9, but need volunteers and lots of people for the parade, including any allied groups.

BOOK PARTY – Milt suggested making calls to our members to remind them.  Cecily will pitch at today’s membership meeting. Arrangements: She has a music events planner (Ronnie O’Neal) and set-up and sound system volunteers. Josh Loner, a performer, is talking to others in progressive music scene about getting sound equipment donated; some has been already. She will meet with Josh and beer garden owners to plan setup. Several artists donating their performances. (NOTE: Spelling not checked: Josh Loner, Hero the Band, Shalom Little, Yan Mo, The Queendom, Alex Lushington, Zip Kennedy, Cedek, maybe others.) MC: Daniel  urged to serve. Ticket sales: goal of 66 per week, artists helping. Cecily will split her time on stage with BLM leaders. Grow Where You Are, a community gardening organization for youth, former ex-convicts etc. resident chef will cater and sell the food to guests. Inviting King of Pops cart. Alcohol: With private party permit we can sell the beer or ask for donations. Negotiations are ongoing about where to get the beer. BJ will contact Johnnie re wholesale? Donate? Etc. Volunteer help: Ronnie and Cecily will have a meeting with the artists. Need volunteers to flier at events.  Second flier being produced by events planner featuring names of performers, for youth audiences. Cecily will hold a meeting for volunteers, next Sat. 4-6; agreed MADSA will contribute $50 for refreshments. Cecily will talk to B Segal about the new flier. B Joye will be communications liaison between officers and Cecily. 100 T-shirts will be sold for $20 each. (See above re calling from our members’ list.)

 -- B Joye



Present: Milt, Ray, Daniel, Adam, B Segal, B Joye, Travis, Cecily

Sunday’s meeting on Summit feedback - Janine and Justin Holsomback will first make brief statements. Milt will introduce. Barbara will give Blinn a list of the presenters and their topics. About 3- 5 mins for each of the 5 on different aspects of the weekend, then a minute or two at the end on takeaway. (Update: No ending statements, as more presenters have been added to the list.-BJ) Daniel will be organizing a van to the DNC after the meeting.

Next membership meeting July 23 – B Segal will confirm meeting space at Open Door and invite the author of the book on the Open Door to speak.

Sendoff for Norm and Dale – B Segal will check to reserve space at Mary Mac’s for goodbye luncheon after membership meeting.

SOA Watch in Nogales AZ/Sonora (Oct. 7-10) – Agreed to endorse, as requested. B Joye will send in form.

Housing Justice League – Agreed to endorse press conference as requested.

Tour of Neighborhoods in Resistance – Larry Keating working with GA Tech social work prof. to set up tour for Jan or Feb 2017 that students in her class will be required to take, and to follow up with volunteering. Tech will contribute $250 to cost.

Labor Day Democratic Left magazine – Agreed to take 1/8 pg ad for $150; B Segal will design.

Pride – Focus on labor issues (discrimination etc.) this year. Need more committee members. Adam is in DSA labor group, will help.

MADSA personnel transition -  Need to give new members roles, meet one-on-one. Eric Robertson joined, wants to do outreach to labor and Bernie activists.  Officer elections coming in Sept. Daniel expressed wish to step back to increase representation of people of color. Adam appointed as member at large to fill out Hope’s and Brandon’s term till Sept. Cecily expressed interest in running. Adam observed that our transition to more diverse leadership should take place beyond Sept., over next year.

Atlanta for All – Cecily took Brandon’s place at last meeting. She reported that a group of millenials is organizing, to focus on Sen. Fort’s campaign for mayor and do other “public-facing” work vs. “Opportunity School District” (OSD). There will be a series of events; July 16 date of Bernie Sanders delegate sendoff may need to change due to conflict with a major WRFG event. OSD work and electoral work to begin Aug. 1, with launch of OSD campaign at 1st Iconium Aug. 20 (goal: 250 people). Cecily will coordinate with Daniel and Adam on an article about Sen. Fort at the DNC.

Cecily book publication/prison justice campaign party -  At Johnnie Martinez’s new Georgia Beer Garden across from Joystick, Aug. 13.  Much discussion of how to focus campaign, Cecily’s role, MADSA’s role. Cecily pointed out that 1 in 13 Georgia adults are under state supervision! And GA prisons even worse than Rikers. Gov Deal has attracted national attention to prison reform issue here, so we can build on that. Meetings with prison justice organizations to take place w/in next week or two for guidance on campaign focus and buy-in. Need committee; Daniel (though time is limited), Adam volunteered. Signup sheet will be circulated June 26 and at the WRFG party for Harlon July 16. Discussion of campaign focus, fund raising and MADSA’s sponsorship will continue. (Officers meet again after June 16 meeting?)



Present: Travis, Barbaras B and S, Milt, Brandon, Daniel, Ray, Cecily

Treasurer’s report – Travis reported we have $4,503 in cash on hand, but anticipated expenses may be $4,680 if we send as many people to the YDS summer conference as last year and spend $1,200 more on Pride. We need to set aside about $2150 for the dinner in case we need more up front and don’t get as much revenue as last year.  The expense estimates were modified by general discussion: We don’t know how many YDS members will be going to the summer conference and will need support.  Pride expenses will be somewhat lower because no Bernie campaign goods needed. The Pride booth is paid for; other expenses need to be determined; could be kept to a couple of hundred.  Study circle is already paid for through Sept. Other possible expenses: People’s Summit, though the national office has an application form for subsidies and people should try that first. If DSA members who are delegates ask for support to get to the DNC we will consider that. But we need to keep enough for the dinner expenses. Milt will send an appeal for host committee contributions as usual.

NPC meeting – Brandon explained that he and Hope are moving to Chicago to be near their families and her new job, by June 5.  They will remain on the NPC.

The NPC is doing a lot (see documents Jared sent to Activist list): People’s Summit; DNC/Socialist Convergence presence; outreach to Solidarity; fundraising to resolve budget shortfall and expand staff; honorary chair issues; post-Bernie work (Brandon is helping David Duhalde talk to new YDS contacts); encouraging local electoral work for a few dem soc candidates.

Re local electoral work – Milt reported that Brandon has been our liaison to Sen. Fort’s campaign committee. Someone needs to take his place. Cecily volunteered. Tim Franzen is a leader.

Milt observed that the 2017 convention may be in the South (or Midwest) in the summer. DSA plans to get closer to SURJ and Labor Notes. Joe Schwartz working on an “Introduction to Democratic Socialism.” Milt is working on the national fund raising campaign.

Cecily McMillan’s book signing party – WRFG is celebrating her grandfather Harlon Joye’s 2000th WRFG radio show at the CWA hall July 16. Her book will be out Aug. 9, following a media tour in NYC, so she can publicize both events at the same time. Maybe we can schedule a book release party for Friday the 12th. She would like the party to be a platform for MADSA (DSA is featured in the book as a prime influence on her). The party can be free, so easier to attract young people. She will be lead organizer for the signing event.  She is contacting Killer Mike and Pussy Riot (they did an intro to the book). Could be a fundraiser for MADSA if we have a project coming up. She suggested we could launch a winnable campaign related to jail conditions in GA. BJ suggested consulting with the Southern Center for Human Rights as they work on that. Daniel observed that a MADSA-sponsored campaign would get us past the “doughnut hole” problem. He suggested also connecting with Open Door. Cecily offered to lead on a situation campaign.  Consensus to sponsor.

Socialist Dialogue – Aug. 14 is film showing of “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.” BJ emailed Nan Orrock to lead discussion at Ray’s request, hasn’t heard back but will follow up. October session – election topic? Ideas welcome. Last session was not as well attended but a good discussion.

Jacobin discussion group – Next meeting June 26. Last one had about 14 attendees, including two who volunteered to lead discussions and one young woman who had attended some MADSA meetings. Next topic will be a report back from the People’s Summit. Milt mentioned that Eric Robertson said he would help with a Summit report. He will reach out to Eric to ask about a venue and whether Eric is going to the Summit. Daniel said at the Summit we can ask about contacting other attendees from GA.

MADSA membership meeting June 11 – Shannon Reaze of AtlJwJ confirmed to speak, also Cobb County candidate for state rep. Justin Holsomback.   Daniel will invite someone from the Ga Undocumented Youth Alliance. Opportunity School District referendum also coming up; Milt will ask Helen Butler or Minnie about addressing that.

Douglass-Debs Dinner – Milt made a timeline of tasks. Barbara S will invite Columbus Ward to accept the award. Milt will follow up with Killer Mike. Norm has prepared the mailing labels. Envelopes, RSVP cards, invitations, need to be printed.

Website – BJ said we need more people to post in addition to her and Daniel. BS will ask Lorraine to do it. Daniel and BS will explore more Nationbuilder functions. Travis suggested using it for letter writing campaigns.

Open Door book  - A new book has been written (and designed by BS) about a historic episode in the history of the Open Door, the struggle to maintain the Imperial Hotel as a residence for homeless people. We should ask the author to speak at a membership meeting, perhaps in late July. BS will ask if July 23 is available at the Open Door.

-- Barbara Joye


Present: Milt, Barbaras J and S, Ray, Jake, Toby (U.GA), Adam, Daniel, Greg

Milt’s report: He will be working on a fund raising letter in support of the national office. He distributed an updated Atlanta membership list, showing continuing growth.

He recommended Joe Schwartz’s article from the Jan. 2016 In These Times. (NOTE: He also has a Bernie article, post-Super Tuesday, on the national DSA blog.-BJ)

We received a thank-you letter from Becky Rafter of WAND for our contribution and for letting her speak at our meeting.

The national organization is forming a labor working group. Milt will be sending a list of members. Let him know soon if you know anyone else with a labor background who should be added. Adam mentioned that he is applying to some labor jobs, and that an organizer of Labor for Bernie told him he hopes to bring people from that into DSA.

Milt will be out of the country during April and the first half of May. He asked Barbara J to fill in with coordination as needed during that time.

Socialist Dialogue:  We reviewed the success of Bhaskar’s talk. About 48 people attended. Ray remarked that our forums on socialism have not included US imperialism and militarism. Daniel recognized a few Bernie volunteers in the audience, including one who has joined DSA – but we talked about recruiting Bernie volunteers as if they were not in the room! We need to keep showing our commitment to the Bernie campaign, that we are not just there to recruit. Milt remarked on the importance of Daniel’s work publicizing our activities on social media.

            Future events: 1) Apr. 24 “The Precariat: Work w/o Predictability or Security,” moderated by Steve Wise. Panel: Teamster Local 728 Organizing Director Ben Speight; a labor lawyer; and Fight for 15/child care worker activist Dawn O’Neil. 2) Aug. 15: Film “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry,” on origins of the second-wave feminist movement. 3) Oct. 9, TBA. Ray suggested including some quotation from the socialist tradition in future sessions. Adam suggested asking the organizer of the Walter Rodney lecture series to speak.

 Bernie campaign: Daniel said a core group of Atlanta people is continuing to be active. They are planning a trip to Jacksonville Florida leaving 5:30 pm March 11. Some seats are available and another driver is desired.

Treasurer's Report: Travis could not attend, but will work on a budget.

UGA YDS: Jake reported they are having an ice cream social in a couple of weeks and trying to build from the core group of five members.

Emory YDS: Adam said they were denied a charter by the university on grounds of being too similar to other groups (Democratic party! and a feminist group) and being mostly upper classmen (not true). They are challenging this. They are thinking of screening the Mead strike film. Faculty adviser is MADSA’s Oded Borowski. Adam is developing leadership to take over after he graduates this spring, and the group is working with others to organize a broad coalition of progressive groups at Emory.

April 23 vs. the Klan: Jake and friend Toby reported on the #AlloutATL proposal to confront the KKK at Stone Mt. They are trying to get as many groups a possible to do something, maybe a march. There will be a public meeting to discuss this. The next planning meeting will be two weeks from now. After discussing the pros and cons, we agreed we would like more information as this develops before deciding whether or not to endorse as an organization.

Bus and Study tour:  Greg has helped Larry coordinate. Two buses will be going. At least 32 seats are filled out of 45 on the second bus (and some other reservations have come in very recently). One bus will be mostly students from Tech and GSU, maybe Atl U. Very good response.

Jacobin Reading Group: Adam discussed the choice of articles for the first session, which will take place this Sunday at 2 pm at Norm’s condo (see calendar listing on website).

Atlanta Jobs with Justice May Day festival: BJ is volunteering on the planning committee. See “call to action” on AtlantaJwJ.org website. We agreed to pay the  $50 fee for tabling. Location TBA very soon, and the application form for participating should be ready next week. Plans are underway for a related MADSA-sponsored show of photos of Atlanta activism in the 1st Existentialist Congregation sanctuary (no charge for the space) during May, coordinated by Reid Jenkins, with a reception May 5. BS will do graphics;  Lorraine is one of the five participating photographers and planners. BJ is working on a labor history project for the festival, recruiting people to impersonate historic labor heroes and heroines.

Newsletter: Barbara J and S. Barbara S is planning to ask people to report personal milestones for one article. Barbara J is hoping to produce the next issue in mid-April, shorter than the last one and emphasizing May Day history and May activities as well as mentioning other events past and future as usual.

LGBTQ committee: B Segal said the meeting was small because it conflicted with the Bernie march. Talked about a secular agenda vs. religion-based discrimination and a possible MADSA statement.

Douglass Debs Dinner:  Milt is working on identifying the keynote speaker. No response yet from Larry Cohen.  Agreed that Milt will reach out to Francis Fox Piven. Other possibilities: John Nichols, Karen Nussbaum, Sen. Fort.Awardees: Columbus Ward, Killer Mike.

Orientation/new members: Milt suggested waiting till June. Agreed.

Next membership meeting: No membership meeting in April, other activities will be sufficient.

Contribution: Adam - $100 to help the NC organizing committee. Agreed.

Fight for 15 – Big nationwide action April 14. Details TBA. Adam is our representative.


Present: Milt, Barbaras S and J, Travis, Greg, Daniel, Ray, Hope, Brandon, Dougie, Nancy Daniel

Treasurer’s report: About $7,450 on hand. Expenses already paid for: convention; contribution to Alif Institute; Adam’s travel to YDS convention. Someone contributed $100 through the website.

Requests: 1) Bobby Paul Legacy Fund (WAND): agreed to contribute $200. 2) expand Dougie’s radio show to 2 hrs: agreed to contribute $300. Plays PSAs, event announcements. 3) Bus tour March 19 will probably have two buses, with students from three colleges; needs $300, agreed. 4) OOHA (BTW, Tim now communications director for Turner Field Coalition): agreed to contribute $500. 5) Ticket for Bhaskar: $250. 6) Rec Center will cost $90 x 3 for next three dialogues. 7) Megan has suggested setting aside funds for membership dues if someone can’t afford it. ”Solidarity Fund.” Generally approved setting aside $200.  8) Expenses for matting and framing materials for May photography exhibit: $200 approved. 9) End of year – approved Travis’s request for a set-aside of $200 for Chattahoochee Valley Better Way Foundation. Will calculate Pride expenses later.

Douglass-Debs dinner: Killer Mike agreed to accept our award, and Sen. Fort wants to present it (thanks to Milt!).

Membership meeting:

  • We will present Johnny Martinez with a T-shirt in recognition of his generous contribution of space for our activities at the Joystick Game Bar.
  • Daniel will pitch for Bernie phone banking, Bernie march etc.
  • Ray will report on Socialist Dialogue plans. He suggested a raffle for a subscription to Jacobin magazine.
  • Ray proposed we show the film “She's Beautiful When She's Angry” for the Aug. 14 dialogue, if committee approves.
  • Speakers: Candidates for office; Larry Pellegrini; attorney Chaka Washington on pending execution; Becky Rafter; Nellini Stamp; Dale on Citizens’ Climate Lobby; Larry K on bus tour; Adam on YDS conference; Steve Gill on LGBT activities (UPDATE: Committee to meet 1 pm Sat. Feb. 27 at Twain’s); BJ on newsletter and blog; Hope and Brandon on NPC; Megan on new GSU Lawyers Guild. (UPDATE: Last two reports did not happen.)

New Members: Milt proposed orientation meeting for new members and others on our list, with invitations to participate in various roles and become core members and encouragement to join if not already a member.

Sen. Fort for Mayor: Brandon is our liaison. “Friends of Vincent Fort” meets week 7 fpm Wed. March 2 at 505 Wells SW (Rise Up HQ). May organize independent coalition to run slate of candidates. Discuss next meeting.

Next officers’ meeting: To plan outreach and other activities, March 10 at 7:30 pm, BJ’s house.


PRESENT: Milt Tambor, Barbaras Landay, Segal and Joye, Brandon Payton-Carrillo, Larry Keating, Jonathan Jimenez, Ray Miklethun, Keith Beaver, Reid Jenkins, Greg Ames

Treasurer's report – tabled, as Travis is out of town.

Douglass-Debs Dinner report – We did well, netted $5,592, while giving lots of free tickets to students and others. Packed the house despite bad weather. Ads revenue $500 lower than last yr, but lots of labor support. Daniel/Bernie well received. Some new members recruited.  Milt suggested Larry Cohen (former CWA pres and Bernie supporter) to be next yr’s speaker. General OK for him to reach out.

January activities:

            Maurice Isserman meetup Jan. 7 - 29 RSVPed (but the Miklethuns have to cancel).
            Socialist Dialogue - Jan. 17 program: “The Struggle for a Just America, Where Race, Class and Gender Meet.” (Unfortunately panelist Dawn has cancelled; Ray will look for a replacement.) . Six new people have RSVPed already to the March Bhaskar announcement on our website calendar.

            Ray and Norm are talking about reviving a Jacobin reading group, as our dialogues have become so large and not centered on readings. General approval.

            MLK breakfast Jan. 15 at Hyatt -  Milt will go; there will be a big labor presence.

            MLK march contingent Jan. 18 - BSegal expressed her concern that campaigning during the march would be inappropriate. We agreed to march behind our own banner, next to the Ga for Bernie group, but not pass out Bernie lit. Any fliers should link MLK with democratic socialist values.

            Recent members and orientation - Milt said we are growing but not orienting new members enough. He proposed one-on-one meetings. Brandon and the Barbaras signed up to do this. BJ already in contact with Jason.
            YDS Feb. conference - Leah and Adam are interested in attending if they can get transportation. Milt asked Adam if anyone else from Emory wants to go. Milt will let us know who might want financial support. We agreed to subsidize as much as we can.

            NPC – Brandon reported that the first meeting will be this Jan. They issued a statement about Harold Meyerson losing his contract with the Wash. Post (on blog, website). 
            Occupy Our Homes Atlanta – Greg reported OOHA visited City Hall, sang “somewhat insulting” carols and gave the Mayor lumps of coal (Greg was Santa Claus), protesting the Peoplestown evictions. Police were friendly, but the Mayor has been stubborn. The Turner Stadium area development seems to be proceeding without community input.
            Website – Barbara J and Daniel have done some posting. If you would like to learn to post content and edit, contact Brandon to schedule a training.

New business:

            Member Keith Beaver's electoral campaign to be commissioner of DeKalb County’s 4th district -  Keith asked for our support in his fight to counter a corrupt and inept county government. He is running as a socialist. He read us his agenda for better government in DeKalb and his plan for the campaign; we advised avoiding the appearance of attacking the workforce or black leadership. He needs to collect over 4000 signatures by June, starting Jan. 16. We suggested he consult with our progressive friends who have experience running for office here: Jim Nichols, Jeff Bragg, Sens. Fort and Orrock. He needs help getting the qualifying signatures. We invited him to address our Feb. meeting and will encourage members to help as individuals.

            National DSA “Political Revolution Tour” - include Atlanta? Milt and Barbara J will explore this further with Bill Barclay shortly.

            Citizens Climate Lobby request for endorsement – tabled till next membership meeting.

            Financial support for WAND – Milt said he and Travis will review.

            February membership meeting – B Segal will explore availability of Open Door in mid-Feb. Milt invited Larry Pellegrini to talk about the legislative session; he is willing. Agreed this is a good idea.

            Larry Keating’s annual neighborhood destruction/resistance tour – Larry proposed for this year that we consult with the local activists about what issues they think are priorities. Milt suggested focusing on tenant organizations. Greg thought it’s a good idea. We agreed that Larry, Greg, Barbara S and Milt should pursue this, with Tim Franzen. Larry suggested March 19 or April 9. Jonathan will talk it up with the progressive student groups at Ga. State.

            Sen. Fort’s campaign - Jim, Tim F and Milt organized a successful fundraiser for him. He will probably want more help.

            Proposals for May:

                        1)Reid offered to curate a political photography exhibit at the Existentialist Congregation, which is available in May. Ray noted that May 1 is the date for one of the Socialist Dialogue sessions, which could take place at the opening. Reid will pursue this idea with select photographers, seeking high quality photos.  Details to come.

                        2) Cecily McMillan will be starting a national tour May 24 to promote her memoir (publisher: Nations Books). Barbara J talked with her about MADSA doing an Atlanta launch event before she leaves on the tour. She wants to organize a big event May 14 emphasizing attracting millennial youth and promoting DSA/YDS, with MADSA as host. She says she will do most of the arrangements and PR. Wants BJ and at least one young DSA member to be on the host committee. BJ will keep us posted as this develops.

            NOTE: Milt will be away April 6 -  May 6.  

Objective: Unite workers worldwide against the forces of capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and imperialism, duh
Call to Order:A meeting of the officers of the Metro Atlanta chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America was held at Anat and Scott’s on 11/8. Cheers, comrades!
Attendees:Adam Cardo, ChairAnat Fintzi, Erin Parks, Members at Large Jeb Boone, Recording Secretary, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm.Michael Lavender, Membership SecretaryBarbara JoyeDaniel Hanley James Harvey

Afrosocialism-Erin attending training in NYC-Wants to set up dialogue before Afrosocialist happy hour-Morehouse Walmart
Douglas-Debs Dinner-Ticket sales going well-Need volunteers-Erin volunteers to be greeter-Barbara will bring tablecloth, cash box, signs, magazines-Adam will get card reader-Need invocation speaker-Adam will follow up more-Barbara will reach out to Milner
General membership meeting

  • Things that work well and things that don’t
    • Need a consistent meeting day and time as well as a consistent meeting place
      • 4th Saturday of every month at the CWA hall at 4 oclock
        • Would need to pay about 1000 bucks up front to the CWA
        • Ask Eric to book the CWA hall for us starting on the fourth Saturday of January
          • Erin will confirm with Eric
      • Officers meeting before the general meeting
      • Hardstop to the officers meeting
        • 3 oclock, general meeting at 4 oclock
    • Meeting should be more structured, not overwhelming and doesn’t run long
      • First hour would be agenda and speaking
        • Business items, speakers and priority items solicited from the membership
        • Speakers must confine themselves to an 8 minute time limit
          • 2 min backgroud, 1 min for the problem, 3 min for what they’re asking for, 3 minutes for questions
      • Second hour would be working group breakout session and luncheon (chat, etc)
    • Want more involvement from the general membership
      • Want space and time for general membership to take ownership over the meeting and general activities
    • Solicit member input on the meeting agenda
      • Anat created schedule with tasks for general membership and officers for different folks to take ownership of.
      • At the end of every general, send out a call for topics for next general, give members two weeks to get suggestions in

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
          General Meeting Send out call for topics for next meeting (members have 2 week to get suggestions in)
          Start inviting/soliciting requests from speakers  
          Remote officers meeting Collate and Consolidate Suggestions & Send out poll created from top suggestions to membership
Speakers confirmed & Agenda is Set based on top 3 priorities from the membership Send preliminary agenda to officers Agenda discussion Agenda finalized Send out final agenda to membership Officer Meeting (3PM – 4PM)General Meeting (4 PM – 6PM)(includes speaker/groups tabling and breakout working group sessions)  

    • Everyone likes this but still wants to make sure we get our quarterly strategic planning meeting in there for members only. Can make one of the schedule days the strategic planning meeting
  • Website redesign
    • Have the design team work on the website now that the Fort campaign is over
    • Could have GATech YDSA help us with this
    • Set up a slack channel for redesign
    • Put out a call to general members to see if they can help as well

Election post mortem

  • Locally things went really bad even though nationally things went really well
    • Atlanta DSA couldn’t get out the general membership to help with the Fort campaign
      • To help with this, we could use the mobilizer system
        • With focus on better reaching out to POC
    • Focusing too much on electoral politics, not enough on outreach, education, social events, direct service, direct action
      • Send supportive email thanking everyone for work with the fort campaign and alerting members of new things they can do not centered around electoral
      • Focus more on building a base through direct service
      • We don’t really have the base of support to really assert our will electorally

Harassment Working Group

  • First meeting scheduled at Anat and Scott’s place
    • Thursday the 16th at 8PM
    • Will be sent to the harassment working group channel
    • Get an agenda in place before then

Beak Light Clinic

  • Need to evaluate finances after the latest DD Dinner and we pay CWA to book all the meetings
    • Ask Seth and Travis
  • Reach out to a new member that works at an autoparts store for discounted supplies
  • Need to work out a location
    • Maybe new member store?

Schedule two officers meetings around internal security and budget

  • Adam sending scheduling suggestions to everyone

Spread Georgia Tech 7 fund around on social media

  • Jeb will tweet
  • Scott will facebook

Shirt designs for holiday season

  • Bixby has designs, we just need to print them
  • Anyone interested in putting together holiday designs?
    • FUCK
    • OMG

Next meeting

  • Remote, half hour meeting in two weeks
  • Budget meeting will be in early december
  • Next officers meeting, holiday party should be on the agenda

Another drive for Marshall to help ATL homeless
We have to get the budget on track, people are owed money and are not being reimbursed